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Astrology Outer Planets in Capricorn 2020

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

I have written about Saturn conjunct Pluto, two of the most dreaded planets, in the earthly sign of Capricorn back in January. Here I'm looking out throughout 2020 with a focus on the planetary alignments especially in Capricorn. Mars entered Capricorn in the middle of February and added fuel to the fire. Mars leaves Capricorn March 30th for Aquarius which might help calm the energies.

Two day ago Saturn conjunct Aquarius which would and did bring about bureaucratic changes and a shakedown of large enterprises. This conjunct also brings about a focus on humanity and for us to think beyond ourselves for the betterment of humankind. Saturn will remain in Aquarius and turn retrograde May 10th.

With Saturn's return to Capricorn July 1st we will see that only through change with how we operate will we meet with success. The status quo will not serve us this year.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn April 4th. Again as you see the tidal wave of change coming as it is time to sink or swim (or get out of the way). Innovation will arrive on strong winds of change.

Between December 17th and 19th both Saturn and Jupiter enter Aquarius and conjunct each other December 21st. More big changes to large corporate structures and governments and a time to share resources. It is a time of sharing wealth for the benefit of all. New and innovative ideas and approaches are needed. Social and economic changes challenge us all.

The year ahead will call for everyone to pull together. We are in times of great changes with potential for great misfortunes. We cannot act alone and think we will get through all this. It is in finding common ground and helping each other with new and creative ideas that we will greet 2021.

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