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Before you reach out, please know that I am inundated with calls and emails. I get volumes of inquiries asking me for advice that I simply do not have the time nor the staff to respond.  If you have a situation or long inquiry, please book a session. 


Most questions are addressed on my FAQs page.  Please refer to this page first before emailing me. 

Questions about session prices are on Book Online.  I don't make appointments over the phone.  When trying to pay with Venmo or Zelle, please contact me, below, to set up with a date and time that is on my calendar to then receive a link to pay.  Please put "Venmo" or "Zelle" in the subject line.

My schedule is online.  If I have a cancellation, it will be reflected in my online booking, so please check back. I don't have a waitlist, cancellation list, or do sessions outside of my online timeline.

Tips for having a session and the process please visit my reading prep page.

Understand that it may take weeks to respond to emails.  Vague questions, i.e., "I'd like to talk to you about an opportunity," will not garner a response from me as I am overwhelmed by the amount of spam and solicitations that I receive.  If your question is answered on my website, i.e., "How much is a session?" you will not receive a response because it is clearly on my "book online" page (see link above).


I will respond to specific detailed questions, i.e., "We would like a group Reiki Level I Certification training for four people on date. Can you accommodate us?" or "We would like to have you speak at our event on date, at time, for an audience of 400, at location.  Our speaker fee is $amount."

Please fill in the form below to contact me.

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