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Classes Offered

Note that all classes have the potential to become an ONLINE class with a rise in Covid.

For many years, I have trained thousands of people techniques to quite their minds, look inward for intuitive answers, connect to loved ones in spirit, and gain psychic insight for other people.

My training is intensely focused on practicing and experiencing for yourself as you grow your skills.


Train with me and enjoy clear syllabuses and engaging presentations, in-depth training materials that are logically presented, a communication style in a way you can understand, and a multi-modal approach to learning. 

With a focus on the adult learner, my extensive training career lends to my ability to develop enticing presentations, create material content that flows from one engaging concept to the next, and teach with a keen sense of how YOU learn.  The lessons, assignments, and exercises have all been created by me to help you navigate this path, develop your own gifts, and strengthen your spiritual connections. I believe that we learn by doing; so every class I offer is packed with practical exercises to reinforce what you have learned.


I have spent over forty years developing training departments, creating coursework and traveling across the US and abroad training top government, military and political officials and corporate executives.

Hey Annie, I saw on Meetup some of the new offerings for classes and got very excited.  I thought I would write and share just how much I enjoy you as a teacher.  You make everyone feel comfortable in class and explain things in such a way that they are very easy to understand.  You have high expectations of your students and nudge us to be better.  Looking forward to my next class!  Elizabeth 

Intuitive, Psychic or Mediumship

Choose from a variety of classes in intuition, psychic, and mediumship development.


Choose individualized training tailor made for your personal, professional, and spiritual growth. 

Reiki Certifications

Choose certifications for becoming Reiki energy practitioners in Reiki levels I, II, and III/Master, Animal Reiki, and Crystal Reiki.


​Choose upcoming workshops on topics such as crystals, psychic detective, pendulums, dowsing, yoga and meditation.

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