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Past Life Regression Therapy

Retrieve and release memories from childhood and prior lives to find more peace and joy in the present.

What other lives have you lived? Are there things from past lives that once acknowledged can be resolved or healed?  Experience past life therapy techniques, as taught by Dr. Brian Weiss of Many Lives Many Masters, to explore your past lives.  Enjoy a deeply relaxing meditation as you are led through memories of this life and past lives or incarnations. Past life regression (PLR) will allow your imagination to participate in the creative process that gives meaning to each moment of awareness.  Using hypnosis, coupled with Yoga Nidra you will be able to access deep emotional healing. You will leave feeling relaxed and ready to continue your day. ​

I am a certified life coach who is trained in Past Life Regression Therapy by Dr. Weiss and a certified experienced yoga teacher with thousands of hours of leading and teaching yoga and meditation.

PLR is a safe, intuitive, and healing tool to gain a better understanding of self in this lifetime as it relates to previous life experiences. You don't have to believe in reincarnation to successfully regress.

You may receive intuitive messages, auditory information, vivid images, body sensations and feelings. The amount and intensity of retrieval depends on the depth of relaxation.

Any information that comes from the subconscious mind, whether real or imagined, is helpful without the conscious analytical and logical mind to intervene.  Our subconscious mind may uncover guidance in terms of life path and relationships with others.

You may have a life changing shift from just one session, but usually it takes a couple sessions to integrate it into your life path.

A 1970's study, by Dr. Helen Wambach who was one of the earliest scientific researchers into past lives and reincarnation, found that 90 percent of all people who attempt hypnotic regression are able to recall events from a past life! She identified the following traits of past lives and the people who were regressed:

  • Past lives are mundane.

  • PLR becomes easier with repetition.

  • Regressions develop according to meaning and not a historical timeline.

  • Regressions may affect medical conditions.

  • Regression may be followed by genuine improvement in mental state.

  • The PLR experience often mirrors current issues.

  • PLR events may be viewed in first or third person.

  • PLR emotions may be re-experienced during a regression.

  • The person regressed identifies with one character.

  • The imagery has an uncanny feeling of familiarity.

  • PLR seem to have a life of their own.

  • PLR experiences are usually visual.

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