All sessions list how long the session will be in booking online.


Each session varies in price, depending upon what you are booking.  Go to Book Online for more about sessions and prices.

Am I able to ask questions?

Yes, I encourage it.  Spirit only shares so much.  This is your chance to get guidance and clarity.  Bring questions to fully take advantage of your allotted time.


Each session is for a one-on-one.  I don't allow spectators as spirit can come in for them and you might not connect with your loved ones (I have had this happen).  If you want to have another person present, they must book a session with me too and you can do this by booking a 50 minute session and sharing it.


Yes!  I make special arrangements so that I make sure to connect just with your loved ones.  If you need an interpreter, let me know and I can pair you with one depending on the language needs .  You will contact the interpreter directly for any fees that they charge.  I have had great success with clients who do not speak English as their native language.  


No.  I make a connection to spirit and it is whoever wants to come through, will.  Spirit always shows up, but I don't get to choose who.  With that, I have found over the years that the right person comes through for you.  Many times if your loved one doesn't show up, I go direct and ask specifically.  It never hurts to ask and I have met with success many times over. 


Yes, but it is not necessary.  If you feel the need to bring something, please keep it out of sight.  You may tell me that you brought something and I may at some point ask for it.  The best items to bring are items with your loved one's energy, but most especially the items made from metal.  


Yes.  My go to is mediumship, but I am happy to have you bring all the issues you would like to have clarity and direction.  Please bring questions and ask them as we begin your reading.  I won't have time to consider new questions in the last 2 minutes of your reading.

Are you able to tell my future?

I get a sense of things and some might be in the future.  I am not a fortune teller as I believe you have free will to change anything.  So if I sense something coming up perhaps at a later date, you have free will to change the course of events. 

Is there a difference in receiving reading in person or by phone?

No.  Most people want in person because they want to be in the energy of the reading.  Phone sessions work just as well or better.  Many times I have found phone sessions can be much more powerful.

Do you do group events?

Yes, I am able to come to you in the Northern Virginia area.  I will need to know your event address, how many, and time/date (early evening 6p-8p Mon-Thurs or Sunday afternoon 2p-4p).  I typically treat these events as a 2 hour appearance and you are paying for my time, travel time and expenses.  These are great for special occasions such as birthdays, bridal parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and family gatherings.  Tarot card reading parties are very popular. 

What does being certified mean?

I have many certifications in psychic & mediumship, Reiki, astrology, yoga & meditation, past-life regression, life coaching, and tapping (EFT/TFT).  Being certified means that I have studied with a school or expert and then passed a test to achieve certification.  For yoga, I am also a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance.

I think I have abilities.  Can you help?

Yes, I can help you develop your abilities with my many classes and workshops.  I am not able to answer your individual emails and phone calls about what is going on with you, as I receive too many to do this.  If you are looking for help and guidance, booking a session with me either by phone or in person is the best way to begin your journey.  

I feel someone or something is in my home.  Can you help?

Yes!  I get a sense of "things" and spirit around me and around you.  For instance, I did a reading recently and tapped into a sister that wasn't present in the room.  In fact, she was hundreds of miles away, several states north.  I shared that she had moved into an old house and that the spirit of a little boy was presenting himself to the family.  All this was confirmed.  I was able to share what the little boy was sharing with me.  I gave suggestions for how to deal with the little boy to calm the energy in the house.  I don't have to physically be in a home to sense what's going on in a place.  I do a lot of home visits when there is activity that the homeowners want to understand.  Rarely do I encounter anything to be concerned about.

I am a bit afraid.  How do I protect myself?

I believe that if you walk in light, you need not be afraid nor need protection.  The opposite of fear is love.  Your loved ones are the ones who will try to contact you through me.  A lot of people are hesitant to have a mediumship reading, and I always ask first.  Spirit usually tells me why you have come to see me, but I always ask so that I am serving your needs.  Connecting with loved ones who have passed is my natural ability, but I am just as happy to share intuitive and psychic information with you which also comes naturally to me.

I think I am possessed by an evil spirit or entity.  Can you help?

NO!  This belief is not in alignment with what I know of spirit.  You have free will to tell any spirit around you to leave you alone.  Yes, I believe there are other spirits out there maybe more mischievous or seeking out the negative.  If you walk in light you will not attract them.

I think I am cursed or have a spell on me.  Can you help?

No!  I do not remove curses or spells.  Anyone telling you they can do this for a certain amount of money is trying to scam you.  I will not ask you for money under any circumstances above and beyond your session.  Please education yourself and thoroughly check out anyone that you plan to have a reading with.  You should be able to find reviews and other information on the internet.  

I plan to call you to see if I can have one question answered for free.  Will you do this?

No.  I believe when you are ready to receive you will do so in a manner that will honor spirit and you.  Readings are a process, or an unfolding as we like to say in mediumship.  They take time, energy, and effort.  I receive dozens of calls like this every day.  I am unable to accommodate these requests.

I highly recommend Annie if you have any unresolved questions! Everything she said was spot on!

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