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Client Testimonials

What my clients say is extremely important to me. 

Without their support and satisfaction, I wouldn’t be in business. That’s why I’m so invested in making sure that they’re happy with all of the services I provide. Take a look at what people have said about working with me since I started recording testimonials a decade ago.

What Clients Are Saying

Sam R.

Annie's genius comes through in how she interprets the energy we carry, the energy connected to us through others, and our universe. She flatly states she is not a fortune teller, and sometimes, can only interpret so much. Her healing methods have brought me out of dark and debilitating periods of loss, adversity, and hopelessness. I could not have gotten through some of these times without her energy therapy, readings, and life counsel. She's the trifecta. 

Billi B.

I want to start off by saying I fully recommend Annie to any and everyone! My family has suffered several hard losses unfortunately and she was able to connect with those family members and my daughter's father almost immediately. She was spot on describing their passing, down to very small details that people just wouldn’t know unless they were involved. My mother’s name was one of the first mentioned and that is what connected me to her sisters and brother. There were a couple things I couldn’t fully confirm with her but after talking to my mother, she was correct. I had speculations about my daughter's father's accident, she described the scene perfectly and she was able to give me the closure I really needed. I left feeling in shock at first, but then a huge sense of relief and happiness followed. Thank you so much.

Karen M.

Annie has an amazing ability and her reading helped resolve a 40 year old mystery regarding my uncle's death.  The messages brought comfort and closure to his siblings and especially his children. If you had asked me to name 100 people who may have come through in this reading, my uncle would not have made that list.  The validation from spirit was also something that could not have been known.  This was a life changing event for my cousins and I highly recommend Annie.

Client testimonials have been freely shared.  They don't guarantee that you will have the same experience.

I want to let you know how grateful I am for your professional reading. I’ve had other readings, but now, after having one with you, I don’t feel like the others were legit. For one, you’re very specific about what you are sharing from my loved ones. You didn’t embellish and when there wasn’t an answer, you told me so. I appreciate the honesty of this.  You have great reviews which is why I chose to have a reading with you. You did not disappoint and exceeded my expectations. Thank you. Maria A, May, 2024

Annie Larson is a masterful and patient Reiki teacher. She guided us through the history of Reiki and the different lineages so that we fully understood the practice we would be honoring. I felt very supported and encouraged to trust my own intuition during our experiential exercises, as well. I very much look forward to continue learning and growing in future classes! Christine S., Google Review, April, 2024

Hi just wanted to say thanks again, [To confirm] the information you shared made me want to pull up my late grandmother's obituary and in the narrative it explains that her death was preceded by my father's death and another infant son (Axxxxxo), [my father's brother that I didn't know he had but you told me about]. Thanks again, it was a really great experience. Katie U., April, 2024

I wanted to share my experience I had with Reiki Level I with Annie. She is very professional, warm and fun. It was such a great class. It included history of Reiki and later on we had a chance to practice in the class. I highly recommend her and look forward to more classes. Katarzyna K., Google Review, January, 2024.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Reiki one certification class with Annie. She teaches in an engaging and energetic way that really keeps your attention. Annie is very wise and was passionate to share her knowledge. She encouraged questions and was very responsive when I had questions a few days after our class. I’m very much looking forward to taking Reiki two with her in the near future. I would highly recommend Annie and look forward to learning more from her over time.
Emlyn P., Facebook Review, January, 2024.

Hi Annie, Thank you so much for our session today. I wanted to share with you that later in the afternoon I spoke with my colleague, Helen, whose mother had passed in October. (I have been caring for her house.) The candle [that you saw] that has been lit each evening is Helen’s. She has lit a candle on a red wood toned table every evening for her mother. Helen and her mother are/were devout and practicing Buddhists.  You referenced her evolved spirit and compared it to achieving a "7th Heaven." This Sunday marks the completion of the 7th week after her passing, and the completion of her spiritual journey away from her earthly life in the Buddhist practice.  I wanted you to know all of this and how profound it was for me to receive this from you. I shared today’s experience with [her] and she responded with a big hug. It was so comforting. I cannot thank you enough. Mary R., December, 2023

I had a Reiki Level I with Annie. It was such a great experience and open my eyes. She has a great personality. The class was fun. I had a chance to practice in the class and also feel her energy! She has a kind heart and a good listener. I highly recommend her.  Nae Thegreathooray, Google Review, November, 2023


I went here completely broken, but with an open heart. Annie seemed to understand me better than I did myself. After getting messages from my dad, I had my first (of many to come) Reiki sessions. This was a life changing experience, I only wish I knew the effect it would have before leaving. It all hit me on my long drive back home and in the days following. So much I worried about just washed away. It has immediately helped with substance abuse and has released a lot of tension in my face and around my ribs. I can fully inhale now that the tension has left. It leaves you with the glass is half full feeling instead of dwelling on what's missing. It's an experience I look forward to again and I am so glad the universe was looking out for me by sending me here. For those curious, it's truly an experience that isn't put into words very well but I highly recommend doing this for yourself. Thank you Annie, from the depths of my soul. J Bird, Google Review, November, 2023


Embarking on the Intuitive Development and Psychic Retreat nestled deep within nature's embrace was an experience that transcended the mere physical. The retreat, hidden away from the city's clamor, seemed alive with mystical energy, signaling revelations and healing. The collaboration with the Pathways Magazine team further enhanced our journey, enveloping us in safety and profound comfort. Thank you for welcoming me with open arms and making me feel special in every way possible. I am truly thankful for this wonderful opportunity, and am elated to have been part of such a fulfilling retreat....Our spiritual guide [Annie] was a revelation. I came seeking enlightenment, but she offered a transformative spiritual journey. Her teachings, deep and intuitive, unveiled aspects of my psychic potential I hadn't known. Annie's dedication to our spiritual growth created an oasis for the soul, where exploration and growth flourished. She is more than a mentor; she's a celestial conduit, guiding souls in a world seeking enlightenment. Thanks to her, my intuition has sharpened, my soul realigned, and my spiritual landscape forever altered by this unforgettable journey.  A. Gomes, Facebook Review, October, 2023

Annie has an amazing ability and her reading helped resolve a 40 year old mystery regarding my uncle's death. The messages brought comfort and closure to his siblings and especially his children. If you had asked me to name 100 people who may have come through in this reading, my uncle would not have made that list. The validation from spirit was also something that could not have been known. This was a life changing event for my cousins and I highly recommend Annie. Karen Muscato, Google Review, September, 2023.


I am writing to share with you how profoundly healing and delightful Annie Larson's work is. I recently had her do a Reiki healing and intuitive reading session combined. Let me tell you she was spot on with her intuitive reading and accurately nailed all that was going on currently in my life. Wow I loved how her loving wisdom and Divine healing information which she shared brought back my life into alignment with the Supreme Creator clearing all the stuck and stale energies out of my system eliminating them and replacing it with fresh new energies filled with Love. You feel the unconditional Love she exudes as she heals with kindness and compassion. Annie has years of experience and shares this information and healing generously. She's truly an amazing individual who instills in you how to love yourself and prioritize yourself care and fill yourself with unconditional love then share that with the world.

My life is changing step by step since her healing session and I have started taking action in areas where I never ever dreamt that I was capable of doing before. I have seen tremendous, positive transformations occur and still continue to take place in my life. Gratitude and Joy beyond measure is what I feel for this extraordinary lady who has been Heaven sent. Since taking her session all of the obstacles melted away with ease and grace. My body is more supple, and my joints are moving easily now. My funds started to flow easier, and I am able to breathe as I stay grounded in my newfound financial foundation. It feels so great having my life back and reclaiming my Divine power with such clarity, ease and grace. She is a gem to work with and is a bright beam of Light who will guide you towards living a fulfilling and uplifting life.

Annie is truly gifted and loves to share her beautiful gifts with the world (lucky for us). If you desire miraculous positive results, then she surely is the Lady for you. I thank her from the depths of my soul and am blessed to be her customer. Blessings and Divine Love to you all in your journey! Love, Fatima Issa, Google Review, September 2023


Annie was just wonderful. From her inviting environment- to her spot on insight- to her sincere and caring personality, you won't be disappointed. All the stars. :) Jenn Nolan, Google Review, August 2023


I just had Reiki level 1 with Annie. It was an amazing experience. She is very thorough, knowledgeable and very patient teacher. I learned a lot from her. And cannot wait to take level 2. Saima Malik, Google Review, August 2023

My words alone cannot express my gratitude for the insight you’ve provided. The accuracy, your kindness, your time, your gifts and healing energy came through to uplift me. May you continue to be blessed & hope to continue working with you exploring the realms with infinite love.  Rose Delacroix, Google Review, August 2023


I met Annie several years ago and went in for a great session with her back then. I have just recently returned for her services and she did not disappoint. I left feeling lighter than I have in a long time! Ann Ball, Google Review, July, 2023


Annie provided a spot on reading. I enjoyed connecting with her and felt a sense of calm after. I can’t wait to work with her again. Lora Cain, Google Review, July 2023

I had a Soul Purpose Astrology reading with Annie recently. It was so much fun - incredibly insightful. She was spot on with so many of my characteristics. But perhaps the most interesting aspect was that she provided insight into what the next step of my life might include -- said it was written all over my chart. She told me why it was my soul's purpose and now I can't stop thinking about it!  Arlene S., Google Review, May, 2023


I just wanted to thank you for your time on Wednesday with my mom. I’m not sure what she was expecting, but it was so special for her to connect with her parents for her birthday and know that they are together and in peace so many years later. The process really brought us even closer, too. :) stay well, and much appreciation for your time again. Sneha U., April, 2023


Thank you so much!  It [Reiki Level I Certification] was a wonderful experience and exactly what I was hoping for.  Michelle V., February, 2023


My phone session with Annie was Amazing! I went into it with an open mind and could not believe what Annie was sharing. There is NO possible way she could know the things she spoke about, unless she WAS communicating with my Dad and uncle.

Thank you for bringing me the peace and closure I have been seeking. The evidence that my loved ones exist in spirit helps lift my grief and comforts me. I wish everyone suffering from loss could be as fortunate to have a reading with her.

Annie truly has a gift.  I highly recommend! Dr. J Stone, December, 2022


I consider Annie my spiritual adviser. Her mediumship is a natural born talent her clients are privileged to leverage. She provides spot on advice based on her assessment of your present situation. I consult with Annie on a regular basis to map out strategies for specific life events. Highly recommend Annie. A. G., Google Review, September, 2022


I was nervous about seeing a medium and I struggled with it for some time.  I was given the names of 3 mediums that friends or relatives used.  I looked each up, read their bios.  My eyes kept going to Annie.  I have a feeling/tug to go with Annie.  I'm glad I listened to that feeling/tug.  My 40 mins were chock full of messages from family members who are on the other side. Messages no one would have known.  Some were very emotional others funny.  It gave me a sense of peace and comfort. Annie made me feel very relaxed.  I felt like I was talking to a friend.  Her voice was calming and helped me relax. The 40 mins went by so fast, but I left the session with what I needed, love, feedback, comfort and confirmation. Well worth the money. I highly recommend Annie, you won't regret it. Therese Mohay, Google Review, August, 2022

Thank you so much for our session.  I just wanted to follow up and let you know about my relationship.  I wanted to provide you an update that your reading (as always!) was spot on.  Thank you so much for everything: you're a gem and gift to me!  Kathleen, July, 2022

This was my first session ever with a medium and I was skeptical about it in the first place but wanted to try this due to a recent loss in the family. I was so blown away with my experience during and after the session. Annie is the best. She set expectations and prepared me well before the session with a detailed email. The details that were given me during the session while Annie talked to my loved ones were spot on and that confirmed that I am truly speaking to the loved one that I wanted to speak to. Grief is a process and we go through stages of grief after a loss I believe. But I felt so much better after the session. It’s like some kind of concession and confirmation that our loved ones are doing better and at peace up there. Thank you Annie for this experience that I will never forget. I will be coming back for more as I said before.  Shri J., Google Review, April, 2022

Annie is not only insightful, she is delightful! She was able to answer all of my questions. I went in having doubts about the things that I personally experience. After taking the class I now understand the different levels of psychic abilities, and how meditation can reconnect us with the earth and our surroundings. It was life-changing for me. I highly recommend her classes!  Linda H., Google Review, April, 2022


She was so helpful, patient, and kind. I did two private mentoring sessions with her. Well worth the cost. I learned a lot. Super easy to book and very clear instructions after booking. Quick response & fix when my email was incorrect (the site used my PayPal email which is not my main email). Highly recommend!  Jules Weber, Google Review, March, 2022


My session with Annie was beyond amazing! Annie is very gentle and an extraordinarily gifted medium. I was struggling for months to come to terms after I lost my Dad due to Covid! This session has helped me getting closer and made me feel peaceful! It was a beautiful session and I’ll always cherish it! I’m beyond grateful! Thanks for everything Annie!  Mohini Ghosh, Google Review, Febuary, 2022


Since my last review, I've attended my 3rd class with Annie, Spirit Guides Angels & Helper Guides. I had absolutely no apprehension in attending this class virtually, as I enjoy being able to attend from the comfort of my home. When I booked my appointment I immediately received an email confirming my purchase as well as giving further instructions to prepare for class. I enjoyed the pace and the flow of the class...Annie is very knowledgeable and has a comfortable teaching style that allows a student to "take it all in", in a no pressure environment. I also like that Annie is open to hearing about your experiences and answering any questions you may have. After attending this third class with Annie, I am further impressed with her professionalism, kindness and knowledge. She has not seen the last of me! Lol!  Nikki G., Google Review, February, 2022


Hey Annie, I wanted you to know how much I’ve appreciated and valued your input these past five years. Your forecasting has become a road map for me as I follow what the stars are doing. Your psychic insight has been spot on allowing me to navigate the upcoming year.  You’ve become part of my New Year’s tradition having readings with you. Thank you so much for the guidance and clarity!  Happy New Year! Pat R., January, 2022


I took the Reiki II class virtually with Annie. I was not sure what to expect taking this class virtually, but I was very pleased with the overall lesson and with the fact that Annie was able to attune me and do Reiki on me from a distance. She provided an outline to follow which allowed me to listen and learn and not have to focus on taking notes.  I am very impressed with Annie's wealth of knowledge, expertise, professionalism and overall kindness. That made the experience very pleasant for me and just lots of fun!  I have already signed up for an additional class and plan to attend more classes in the future.  Nikki G., Google Review, January, 2022


I had taken a Reiki class 6 years ago but decided to take it with Annie Larson for a fresh start to my practice. I was so impressed by her natural gift of connecting to spirit which made the experience even more special. Annie is extremely professional and had everything perfectly organized as well. This class was not only informative but so much fun. I highly recommend seeing Annie for a class or a reading. She is the real deal.  Huda, Google Review, November, 2021


Annie is an amazing teacher.  I took her Reiki Level I class.  She is an excellent communicator full of knowledge.  Her kindness and warmth makes you feel so comfortable and at ease.  I cannot wait to sign up for Level 2.  I will definitely be scheduling a reading and a Reiki session!  Celeste Williams, Google Review, November, 2021


Hi Annie, I just wanted to thank you for your time today. I was thrilled to hear from my relative. She is a timid soul and for her to have pushed others away to speak with me makes me happy. I would like to think I brought some fun and spontaneity to her life. It also makes me very happy if she is with other relatives. It means she is very forgiving and he is very contrite. Thank you for your advice on difficult siblings. It's funny you have experienced the same type of situation. I would like me to keep the lines of communication open with them. Thank you so much!  Cynthia W., October, 2021 

Annie is an extraordinarily gifted intuitive psychic and medium. Her warmth and caring personality immediately put me at ease. I’ve had two readings with Annie; the first was focused primarily on selling a house — a house that sold within four weeks of my following her advice. My second reading with Annie yielded both messages from loved ones who have passed and fresh insight around some personal and health concerns. I cannot recommend Annie highly enough.  Eileen W, Google Review, September, 2021


Annie immediately put me at ease by clearly explaining the process of past life regression, what to expect, and what not to expect. Having never gone through a session before, I was surprised how easily I was able to slip into a relaxed state. Annie’s voice was encouraging and supportive throughout. My session was incredibly fruitful. I was able to “see” what appeared to be two, separate lifetimes with details and emotions connected to each. The experience was vivid but occurred in complete silence, in my mind. It was a profound experience. Annie continued to speak smoothly and evenly, never rushing me through the experience, even though she received no verbal feedback from me! I was lying quietly the entire time, and experiencing the images in my mind. After the session Annie gently reminded me to write down my experiences and also asked a few clarifying questions. Overall the experience was incredible. I would highly recommend Annie for her professionalism, and gentle but amazing skill.  Thanks Annie. The experience has really stayed with me!  Monique M., August, 2021


As someone who's been surrounded by paranormal and spirits my entire life, it fairly easy for me to tell when someone is “for real” and Annie is the genuine real deal! I’ve had many readings with other professionals. Annie helps decode what spirit is trying to tell you and she tells you things exactly as she gets them, which I greatly appreciate. Most people don't realize that spirit communicates very differently from the way that we humans do.  Annie is like talking to an old, close friend! She has nothing but your best and highest good in mind.  Above all, she is light, very loving and careful with your feelings.  She is truly dedicated to helping others and her elegant intuitive and mediumistic nature helps her do just that.  If you've found yourself drawn to Annie, it’s probably spirit directing you as there's a very good chance she has something to offer you. Do not let your doubts get in the way from having a session with her. Amilynn Chase, July, 2021


I had a lovely time with Annie. Her calm and incredibly intuitive presence is very comforting. I found the session with her to be healing. I look forward to meeting with her again! Thank you Annie Larson!  Mary Atallah, Google Review, June, 2021


Annie really is amazing! She was very calming from the very start. She is very understanding and patient. Her knowledge and explanations were very helpful to ensure that I got the most out of our session. I've already booked my second session!  Jen W, Google Review, May, 2021


Hi Annie, Thank you very much for your time last week. I appreciate what you do to help people, especially in this difficult time of Covid.  I know from the reviews that I’ve seen that you have amazing talent. However, I was a difficult client and things didn’t work out so well between us. I’m sorry if I’m too direct but maybe it will help someone in the future.  I was quite disappointed with the session.  The main reason is that you did not tell me anything positive. You indicated that a new woman could come into my life. This was one of the main topics that I’m interested in but several times you mentioned that her personality would be strong and difficult/challenging. Instead of saying how wonderful it will be for you to have a new companion, you stated at least twice with significant worry in your voice concerns about this woman.  The way it was presented came across as being negative.  I can’t remember a single positive thing that you said about this woman.  You emphasized that she was callous and makes quick/strong decisions.  I appreciate you being honest and giving me what came to you, but the general tone you presented about this new woman was unpleasant.  Sorry for the unsolicited input, but I couldn’t help myself.  I do appreciate all that you do, and know you are quite talented.  Jim K, April, 2021


Hi Annie, I thought I'd provide you with an update on your reading. You indicated that a difficult woman would soon come into my life. I told you I was unhappy with the reading because it lacked positivity. Well the reading was correct. A woman came into my life, who had the physical and personality attributes you described. She left my life in recently. We had so many things in common that I thought she would be the perfect woman for me. Almost every experience in her life mirrored my life. Almost everything about this relationship was difficult. She controlled all aspects of the relationship, including the decision to terminate it. I complained to you that the information you provided was not upbeat and positive. You did not have anything positive to say about the relationship in the reading, and this is correct.  So, thank you for the honest message. You delivered what you received, and it was correct.  Jim K., August, 2021

My experience with Annie was phenomenal. I went into this experience with an open heart, really looking forward to connecting with my grandmother and it happened immediately. The reading went so quickly and it was lighthearted, but also beautiful and emotional. Everything Annie stated she was completely accurate on and I received news that lightened my heart and left me glowing with happiness. Her psychic abilities were also amazing and she zeroed in with precision on a specific situation and gave me important information. I can't say enough great things about Annie. She has a light hearted and compassionate personality and I felt like I was talking to a dear friend. I can't thank her enough for the joy she brought into my life and I wish her all the happiness in the world.  Flora C, Google Review, April, 2021


Annie is incredibly gifted, intuitive and spot on! She's calm, empathetic and makes one feel very comfortable. She's my go to for spiritual advice and guidance. I highly recommend her, especially during challenges along the Fool's path to life! Annie is a proactive professional, she made sure to provide the rules of engagement well ahead of our session. Booking my readings were a breeze. She's a psychic, a medium and a tarot expert offering a combo of these methodologies to one's reading. I will definitely return.  Aline Sutton, Google Review, April, 2021


Annie, thank you so very much for your attentiveness and your insights during our telephone readings. Navigating this next and unexpected chapter in my life has not been without challenges. And I felt a sense of calm and clearer direction after speaking with you. It's like we were old friends and just picking up where we left off! Thank you for your genuine and caring personality, and the way that you convey that caring in everything you say! I'll be sure to reach out in the future if anything new crops up!  Kathleen B., March, 2021.


My daughter recently had an astrology session with Annie. She was fun, informative and interesting. My daughter left the session with a smile on her face and lots of new insights!  Rebecca Olsen, Facebook Review, February, 2021.

I am new to this topic really needed guidance regarding some experiences I was having in my house.  Annie was comforting and provided some wonderful insight.  I still have a long way to go, but I would definitely use Annie as a resource again.  UPDATE: I have had 2 more readings since this review about different things and Annie continues to be wonderful! She has a very kind disposition and seems to genuinely care about her clients and how they will take in the information they provide.  A. M., Google Review, February & April, 2021.


I met Annie sometime prior to actually scheduling in with her. Something told me to keep her contact information. Fast forward I was nudged to check in with her and I am so glad that I did! I had a great reading with Annie, she is very insightful and I felt extremely comfortable with her. Her connection and flow with spirit gave me peace in knowing that a recently passed family member was able to check in validating our continued connection with our loved ones. Thank you Annie for your amazing gift and for sharing it with others. Donna  Google Review, Donna Daacke, February, 2021


I feel like I was drawn to Annie.  I did a lot of research on mediums before coming across Annie and something just told me that she was the one that spirit would allow to communicate with them.  My session of mediumship with Annie was AMAZING.  There is no way she would have known any of the things she told me.  I was blown away.  The experience has given me some closure I think I was missing.  I would recommend her to others looking to make the same connection.  Google Review, Daniel Powers, January, 2021


Past life regression therapy with Annie was LIFE CHANGING!  Annie’s voice let me to calm over the phone in just a few minutes as I drifted off to childhood memories, then to other times and into past lives.  I eagerly anticipate what another session will reveal. Her work is impeccable and I was left with a new understanding of some of the difficulties that I’ve experienced in this lifetime.  I am eternally grateful.  I HIGHLY recommend!  Jane P., January, 2021


I went into my reading not quite sure what to expect and unsure anyone would come through. Sure enough, my departed grandmother came through strong and everything Annie conveyed was 100% my Nana. The reading brought immense comfort to both me and my mom, who Nana—through Annie—wanted me to share my experience with. Annie also knew that my departed kitty was with Nana, along with several other relatives. Annie shared personal details no one else would know. I've already referred Annie to several friends and family members and can't wait to book another session with her. Thank you, Annie!  Google Review, Veronica Kresse, January, 2021


I highly recommend Annie if you are seeking mediumship, reading or intuitive insight. Although I know Annie personally, I trusted her integrity and confidentially. At all times she made sure I was comfortable with the readings and our interactions.  I recently did a reading for the upcoming year in areas I wanted insight into and I won’t ever go a year without it.  Great knowledge to be aware of as the year progresses. In fact some of her previous reading correlated a lot with my chart. Annie is warm, genuine and gifted! Nancy T., January, 2021


I've gone to see Annie twice. The first time she brought messages from loved ones on the other side. She told me that my mother had a half brother, that no one knew about, that would be coming forward. Eight months later, he was connected to us via an Ancestry DNA test. There were so many other things that transpired that became accurate. If you're drawn to Annie, follow those instincts and book time with her. It's proved to be extremely helpful (and accurate) for me.  Google Review, Kayleigh Watters, December, 2020.

Hi Annie, All is well here! The kids have never been happier or slept better. I am amazed!  I have been struggling a bit with the move and missing our old house, but I'm getting used to things. The main thing is that the energy here is Happy happy happy.  And soooo calm!  I would love to have you back out to help with the relocation of all that quartz!  It was wonderful meeting you and Rainer! Hannah B., December, 2020.


Hi Annie, we met last week at the group reading you did. Still smiling at all the fun we had and thinking about how impressive the entire experience was. Thank you, Mikel B., November 2020.


My reading with Annie was all I hoped for and more.  It brought a tremendous amount of closure and understanding to my son's sudden death and helped me progress towards healing.  I would highly recommend Annie - she was kind, understanding, comforting and professional from start to finish!  Google Review, Chris Erman, November, 2020.

Just stunningly profound and accurate information.  I am so happy that I finally booked a session with you after a couple years of debating.  You did not disappoint!  Thank you from all of my family that I shared your messages with.  Jennifer S., October, 2020.

Fascinating and helpful session with Ms. Larson.  She brought up very specific and accurate details concerning myself and family members that convinced me of her authenticity.  As a result of the session, I'm following through with her useful suggestions and I'm felling better about the issues that were bothering me before the session.  Later, I got "the chills" when I confirmed the accuracy of the images she saw while we spoke; at the time of our session I couldn't be sure.  A very worthwhile experience.  From Goggle Review, K. D., September, 2020.


This was my first ever mediumship reading and I must say that Annie was on point with everything she had shared. It validated and reaffirmed what I was going through in my life. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this. But I found myself to be surprisingly emotional during the read. Annie was calm, professional, and patient with my questions.  From Google Review, Rachelle Sandoval, September, 2020.


After meeting over the phone with Annie, I simply feel better.  I hesitated booking a reading with her over the past year.  She came highly recommended and has great reviews several places.  It wasn't just one thing she said, but more how she presented the information.  She is kind, caring, and compassionate.  I highly recommend her as you will leave with a renewed sense of peace and relief.  I didn't realize how much I was carrying in my grief.  Thank you!  Jeff S., August, 2020.


Annie was shockingly accurate in identifying things going on in my life and what was to lie ahead. I would definitely recommend her and will call on her for a reading again. She is awesome!  From Facebook Review, Katherine Schneider, July, 2020.


Hi Annie,  I’m not sure if you remember me, but I made an appointment with you about a year ago (which I showed up for a whole day early in my excitement). You had told me that my mother’s half brother would be coming forward; that he was someone that no one knew about.  He did, in fact, come forward around February and we have a good relationship with him now.  I’m actually going to meet them in August.  (Thank you SO much for that!)  I will definitely be booking a phone session through your website.  Best, Kayleigh W., June, 2020


Annie, Thank you for the wonderful experience today. I look forward to talking to you again sometime.  Kathy T., June, 2020


Hi Annie, We had a session earlier this month. I just wanted to tell you that you were spot on, 100% spot on!  You said that there would be fighting.  I didn't believe you because you said it would be with my daughter.  It happened so fast, so soon, it didn't hit me until I came across your your reading and then started thinking about everything you said and sure enough there it was. So just thank you so much you given me so much that I need to reflect on from my notes I took during that during our session.  Thank you so much.  Treva L., June, 2020


I've had two sessions with Annie now over the phone. I took much from them both. This was the first time I've done anything of this nature, and I can vouch that Annie is the real deal. She's genuine, honest, insightful, helpful, and gifted. I trust her and her sincere desire to serve as a channel for us to connect to something powerful that as a society we have yet to understand. Open yourself to the possibilities and Annie will shed light on your life. Amy S., May, 2020.

I so enjoyed my reading with Annie Larson.  She was able to quickly connect with my father and mentioned several things that were obvious signals from him.  It was such a happy, positive experience, just like my dad.  On the logistics side - her website made it easy to book an appointment and her office is pleasant and relaxing.  I hardily recommend a reading with Annie for anyone who wants to touch base with a loved one.  From Google Review, Kimberly Burns, April, 2020.

I want to start off by saying I fully recommend Annie to any and everyone! I recently had a mediumship session with Annie. I arrived almost shaking with nerves but after she greeted me I felt a strong sense of comfort. She is very welcoming and warm. My family has suffered several hard losses unfortunately and she was able to connect with those family members and my daughters father almost immediately. She was spot on describing their passing, down to very small details that people just wouldn’t know unless they were involved. My mother’s name was one of the first mentioned and that is what connected me to her sisters and brother. There were a couple things I couldn’t fully confirm with her but after talking to my mother, she was correct. I had speculations about my daughter's father's accident, she described the scene perfectly and she was able to give me the closure I really needed. I left feeling in shock at first, but then a huge sense of relief and happiness followed. Thank you so much.  Billi B., March, 2020.


I recently met Annie during a scheduled mediumship session!!! I am very impressed with her abilities with the spirits!! I highly recommend Annie if you have any unresolved questions! Everything she said was spot on! Even after leaving I realized she said things I didn’t know but asked about and was to a tea!!! I’ll be coming back again!!!!! Thank you so much Annie!  From Facebook Review, Joyce Hazelrigg Long, February, 2020.


I had a Reiki session with Annie and I cannot say enough good things about the experience. Annie's energy was calm and welcoming and I left feeling a balance I had been striving for in my own work at home. If you feel yourself drawn to Annie's services, I highly recommend pursuing it.  From Google Review, Colin Wilson, February, 2020

Thanks so much for yesterday, we all really enjoyed the [group reading] experience!!  Lisa R., February, 2020


I had a reading with Annie over 3 years ago during a very uncertain time in my life regarding my career. During our reading she said I would work somewhere with an E sound in it, or a strong EEE sound. As I applied for jobs I kept this in the back of mind, not thinking much of it as more time passed. Sure enough BOTH companies I worked for ended up having strong E/I sound in them! I highly recommend Annie to anyone.  From Google Review, Meredith McDonough, January, 2020

I was at Healing Crystals shop a few days ago and saw Annie’s card. Recommended her as I have taken a class from her.  Love her Facebook posts and her whole person is awesomesauce!  Deborah K, December, 2019


You gave me the best birthday gift to myself yesterday. I'm so grateful for the time.  Ellen F., December, 2019


Annie, It was such a pleasure meeting you and experiencing a reading with you this afternoon.  I look forward to watching how your work evolves!  My cousin said great things about her experience with you!  Happy Holidays and thank you.  Kirby L., December, 2019.

I was looking for my mom's note she left in her bible and came across her notebook...she writes about quitting smoking and that she’s a special person on this planet and had spiritual gifts all her life. You were soo on point with all of this and I love what we experienced today. Thank you again. Samantha S., November, 2019


Hello Annie, I had a reading with you earlier this year. You were spot on through it all.  My husband and I were contemplating having another child. I was so confused about balancing that and my growing business. I asked if you thought we would have more children and you said I would have two more,  a boy, and another girl. It was the only thing you said that day that didn’t sit well with me as I knew in my core I didn’t really want to birth anymore. Well shortly after that we had more children.  Not all of our children have to come through our womb.  It was just as you said it would be boy and another girl, and that gave me immense comfort. My perspective on life changed in that moment, and my happiness and love has grown to a new level. So, thank you. Your insight was a gift I really needed.  I am so looking forward to seeing you again.  Megan M., November, 2019


Hi Annie, I really appreciate your time. I definitely had so much to ask and needed direction in my life. I just wanted to thank you. Karin A., November, 2019

Hi Annie,  This review is overdue.  I want to thank you for the three readings you provided.  You were able to connect with my brother, grandmother and aunt.  You described them and knew exactly how they passed on.  You brought back many memories of my childhood with my grandmother and how she use to make jam. Thanks for the closure and peace you have given me with their passing.  Also, you were right about my current employer and my wonderful marriage.  You are truly blessed and have a wonderful gift to heal all. Sandy J., November, 2019


In our last reading you said I would travel abroad.  I did.  You said I would meet a "D" named man.  I did.  You told me about another man around me.  You were right about him.  Today you told me that I was renovating my house.  I am!  Our sessions have been over the phone, so I am so amazed how you know all this having never met me in person.  So amazing your skills.  Lindsay D.,  October, 2019


The meeting with Annie was an awesome experience. I was quite skeptical, but left with a full appreciation for Annie's great gift of connecting me with my recently deceased mother. I look forward to visiting again! Best, Eric S., October, 2019

My Reiki sessions and insightful readings with Annie were wonderful. She is truly gifted. Annie is a lovely person and I highly recommend everyone to schedule a session with her to gain clarity and to simply feel better.  James G., October, 2019

​Annie's genius comes through in how she interprets the energy we carry, the energy connected to us through others, and our universe. She flatly states she is not a fortune teller, and sometimes, can only interpret so much. Her healing methods have brought me out of dark and debilitating periods of loss, adversity, and hopelessness. I could not have gotten through some of these times without her energy therapy, readings, and life counsel. She's the trifecta. Sam R., September, 2019

Thank you so much for teaching & hosting such a wonderful Reiki class! I had a really great time. Really beautiful atmosphere created.  Belle A., September, 2019

I am so grateful for Annie! I went through Reiki 1 with her a few years ago and decided to go back for her reiki master class years later. Annie is very knowledgeable and a patient and kind teacher. What I appreciate most is that Annie provides a lot of information around how to protect your own practice and discusses Virginia laws. She is just a pleasure to be around and to learn from. I highly recommend her reiki classes to anyone who is called to reiki. You will learn a lot about the history of reiki and how to apply properly. THANK YOU ANNIE!  From Google Review, Stephanie Herbert, September, 2019

I don’t think you can know how much your mentorship has meant to me.  You have helped me start the path to rediscovering a part of myself that has always resonated...I didn’t know the alienation I’ve always felt was an ache from a disconnection to the earth.  You helped me begin the process of piecing together fragments of my soul.  Thank You!  Angela S., September, 2019

I have had Annie do a group reading, along with individual sessions, with a party of friends twice. She is amazing, and comes up with details that there is no way she would have known. My friends are always happy with the results. It can be an emotional adventure, but well worth it with Annie! I plan on having her read for us again. From Google Review, Wendy Moore, September, 2019


Annie has a natural gift in helping others through her readings, reiki, and classes. Her connection to spirit is very powerful.  From Facebook Review, Linda Pisani, September, 2019

I had the pleasure of meeting Annie at a party event [group reading] and it was a very enjoyable experience. Annie is wonderful and very knowledgeable. I was very excited to have a reading with her and was very happy and at peace with all the information she shared with me about my loved ones. I highly recommend Annie.  From Google Review, Maureen Fells, August, 2019


Hey Annie, I saw on Meetup some of the new offerings for classes and got very excited.  I thought I would write and share just how much I enjoy you as a teacher.  You make everyone feel comfortable in class and explain things in such a way that they are very easy to understand.  You have high expectations of your students and nudge us to be better.  Looking forward to my next class!  Elizabeth B., August, 2019.


I was so very struck by my last session with you on Valentine's Day!!  I was looking for peace with my husband who had passed with dementia after home hospice.  I was not sure if he understood how sick he was.  At the very end of our conversation, you threw in that I would be traveling, which I could not imagine in my wildest dreams.  Lo and behold, an old friend who grew up across the street from me called, and long story short, I have traveled down to NC several times to see him.  I did not see it coming, was not looking, wanted, nor even in my wildest imagination could have thunk this up.  My life has become so very, very changed so quickly.  Looking forward to our next session Thursday!  Susanne V., August, 2019


Dear Annie,  Thank you so much for joining us as an instructor (trance mediumship) for Chief Rainbow Weekend on Saturday, July 27, 2019.  The feedback from your class was very positive and we hope that you enjoyed your time with us.  The attendees in your class absolutely loved your presentation and I’m hoping that you may be willing to come back and do another workshop with us sometime in the near future; perhaps on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon?  Please let me know if this would be of interest and give me some possible dates that may work with your schedule.  We really enjoyed having you here and hope to see you again soon.  Many thanks, Rev. Nancy L. Jones, Pastor, Arlington Metaphysical Chapel,  August, 2019

At first, I was very nervous and unsure of myself before I came to your mediumship class. However, I was very excited to learn and knew I was learning from one of the best. I wanted to be mindful of time but I have so many million questions constantly brewing in my head.  Getting confirmation from Annie from the readings and the tools gave me more confidence. It actually felt good and I am looking forward to helping more people.  I am grateful to Annie for the class and can’t wait for the next one!  Sheila A., August, 2019


Hi Annie, First I just wanted to thank you for the Reiki I Certification class.  It was an awesome experience.  Second about the more recent past life regression/yoga nidra session as I looked up what came up in the session and found that historically it is accurate.  I'm freaking!  As you said, there are no coincidences in life.  Angela S., July, 2019


All I want to say to you is you are right.  Your readings are dead on.  I luv you and your gift.  I need to trust the universe has my back. You are the messenger.  You are the Lexapro to anxiety.  H.A., June, 2019


My mediumship session with Annie Larson was both accurate and illuminating. It also fit well with intuitive insights both me and my ex-husband had prior to that session. I now have a better idea how to go forward in my life. I appreciate Ms. Larson’s skill and her patience in helping me sort out the messages received from spirits! (I received messages from my foster father and an unrelated uncle.) From Facebook Review, Bobbi Ragon, June 2, 2019

I called to say thank you for the coaching sessions that began in January.  You helped me get unstuck and helped me move my vibration to attract those things I had been trying to attract.  Last year I had applied for a job that I really wanted.  The interview didn't go well and I didn't get the job.  (I have been unemployed for a while.)  You showed me how to manifest and set intentions for what I want to attract through readings, Reiki, and doing the work with the awesome homework that really made me look at myself.  That same job called again to interview me. The new interview went great and they offered me the job!  I start next week. The relatives that I had been having difficulty with have all changed too.  You showed me how to send them love and gratitude in my meditations and that has made all the difference.   Thank you so much!  Sushma A, May 31, 2019


I've had plenty of Reiki sessions and readings over the years and want to give a special shout out to Annie for such an outstanding experience.  I booked the Enhanced Reiki and reading package session and highly recommend this combination as the former absolutely compliments the latter.  Annie is an experienced practitioner whose light and loveliness infused a first rate Reiki (energetic spring cleaning) session followed by a very insightful reading.  Blessings, Mary Lynn H., May, 2019

Hi Annie - I enjoyed the phone reading very much. You kept mentioning yellow and green school colors and you said [football] Vikings. I looked up B’s high school colors. Wow!! Couldn’t be more spot on!! I didn’t go to school with B or know anything about his high school so I didn’t know until I looked it up [his football team name was Vikings with yellow and green school colors].  Cindy O., May 2019


I had a reading by Annie earlier this year and she was amazingly accurate. She told me things about a certain situation that I didn't know myself but later found out. She has an amazing gift. Thank you Annie! ️ You were 100% right. I was so wrong! ️ From Facebook Review, Carmen Velasco, May 11, 2019


I just wanted to send you a quick email and thank say thank you so much for today just keep thinking about and rereading everything you shared and how amazing that was.  Sharing with my daughter who is very intrigued and wondering if you’ll do a session with her? Jen L., April 2019


Hi Annie, [I'm writing again to share]...I am pregnant! you told me in the last reading and you were right about the 16th.  God, the spirits, the angels, everybody guide me to visit you for a reason and I think [this] was the reason [as I thought I was done having children].  Now I will wait to see if the baby she was holding with a pink cover means this is the baby girl I wish.  Eliana C., April 2019.  UPDATE:  The baby girl that you saw wrapped in a pink blanket is due in January, 2020!


Annie,  I am writing to say Thank you for this special connection...I feel different and protected knowing she is next to me. You can’t imagine what you have gave me, my life feels different and I feel different too. Maybe I am exaggerating but I can’t express what you have done for me.  Thank you very much and I am looking forward to schedule another session with you and also the classes... maybe this time by phone. Thanks again for everything!! Eliana C., March 2019


Hello Annie, I’m trying to book another phone session with you. Everything you said has happened and you were right about my aunt and that sometimes it takes time to digest a reading. Looking forward to my next appointment. Your insight has been so helpful! Sandy J., March 2019


I originally decided to get a Reiki treatment at the end of 2018 to help me balance my life and help me manage anxiety. I knew Annie before I'd started thinking about trying Reiki (our kids went to school together) so it seemed a no-brainer to go to someone I knew and already liked. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect out of a Reiki treatment though so I went into it with no real expectations but with an open mind. During my treatment I was experiencing some of the worst menstrual cramps I'd ever had. I didn't mention it but she asked what was going on. It kind of blew my mind she could see/feel the pain I was experiencing. My mind was continuously blown for the next few months after my treatment. I had almost no cramps!!!! This had been something that has progressively gotten worse for me as I age but I really had no hope that anything would help, much less Reiki....But here we are. I followed up and had a 2nd treatment with Annie about a month ago when the cramps seemed like they were starting to return. I'm now currently cramp-free again after another lovely Reiki treatment. Short story, I'm a firm believer in Reiki and in Annie Larson! I HIGHLY recommend her services. She's friendly, open, caring, and just a beautiful soul to spend time with. From Google Review, Kristen L., March 2019

Hi! So, you worked some serious Reiki magic on me a few months ago. Don’t know if you remember but I was having horrific [pain]. Whatever you did is wearing off and I need some help! ...thought I'd reach out to you to see what your schedule is this week. Whatever you did had me pain free for months!! (My hero!!)  Kristin S., January, 2019

I had a reiki session followed by a reading session.  Annie was able to tell me a lot about things going on in my life during the reiki and commented on some injuries that I am dealing with.  After she was able to contact my dad and told me things about him that felt good to hear.  I felt so calm after meeting with her.  I will have another reiki with her soon because it was such a great experience, and the bonus of her insight and having time with my dad.  Susie P., January, 2019

I have recently lost a loved one and have been grieving since. I found out about Ms Annie Larson and called her for a reading. Annie was very compassionate and kind. She was very patient and polite on the phone and answered all my questions and concerns with thoughtfulness. We did not have a reading as Annie suggested that I should give myself enough time to grieve...This really spoke very highly of Ms Larson. She came across a genuine person not wanting to make money by doing a reading when I was not ready. I deeply appreciate her honesty and look forward to getting in touch with Ms. Larson for a reading after my grieving period.  From Google Review, Grace Domingo, November, 2018


OMG, she read me at the recent expo.  In 15 minutes she knew everything about me including where I had just moved from and where I had just traveled to.  She IS the real deal.  I've told everyone about her.  She's just incredible with her insight!  Dylan W., November, 2018

Annie is spot on with her readings. She tells you things that you may have forgotten about people that have passed. The people on the other side give her things to validate who they are and it is amazing how she can communicate with them. She is both an intuitive and a medium and she is also a reiki master. Her ability to translate and use energy is amazing!  From Facebook Review, Maureen Sasscer, October, 2018

She is truly gifted. It is shocking how accurate her readings are and how connected she makes you feel. Many of my friends have had readings and they all agree she is the best!  From Facebook Review, Alice Kennedy, October, 2018

Wonderful Reiki session and some insights as well. What a treat for me.  From Facebook Review, Kim Albuerne.  October, 2018


Annie helped our family a lot in a group reading for my mom.  It was beyond a reading.  We all felt so much better afterwards knowing all that happened with our Dad.  Much lighter feeling for all of us.  Not sure how she does it.  I was a skeptic before she arrived.  Now I'm a believer which I never thought I would say.  We all look forward to meeting up with her again in a year or so. Chris S., September, 2018

Guest Speaker and Leading Expert, Women's Health and Wellness Summit, "Based on our survey results, your presentation received an average score of 4.75 on a rating scale with 5 being Excellent.  Thank you!  Your efforts to present a quality and engaging presentation added to the success of this year’s summit.”  August, 2018

Thank you for our session today.  After talking with my mom who you thought the reading was for, the woman in the garden was my grandmother.  My mom said she loved to garden. And the wrapped head was when my grandfather's brother’s horse kicked him in the head and his leg was in traction because he had a gunshot wound while serving in the army, all as you had shared.  Confirming my grandfather was in the army and stationed on the west coast, in Oregon.  I told my mom that you saw both of them.  She confirmed that you shared that they did have a dog that was killed.  So it was all my grandfather and stories my mother would know but not me. My mom was so happy hear about all of it and asked if they were with my sister. Told her they were probably waiting for her. She has been wanting to see a medium. I will come back again to try to connect with my dad when he is ready.  Jodie L., July, 2018

Just experienced my first Past Life Meditation Workshop with Annie, and it was amazing. New information was revealed, old information was confirmed. Her methods are gentle, safe, calming, while also being honest, truthful, and accepting. She created a safe space for us to experience our past life meditation, and helped us to process/discuss after the meditation. I would highly recommend Annie. Professional, courteous, and very good at what she does. I received helpful information that will be very useful in dealing with trauma from this life. I am VERY impressed.  Emily S., July, 2018


​I had a reading done with Annie and it was absolutely amazing!  I had never done a reading before and was honestly scared to get one done at first.  During and throughout the reading I was completely amazed by everything she was able to tell me.  She is very talented and I highly recommend doing a reading with her!  Mary O.,  May, 2018

I didn't know what to expect and was a little afraid but she put me at ease and explained everything as she did the reading.  I swore I wouldn't cry, but she said something that she could not possibly know and tears flowed.  Annie has a gift!  Patty C.,  March, 2018


Very relaxing reiki session.  I felt a lot of shifts during and many after our session.  Great energy work! Pat R.,  March, 2018


My first reading.  She was compassionate and great.  Very talented and would highly recommend.  She helped me during my time of grief.  Linda S., February, 2018

This class/workshop, delving into the exciting world of Crystal Energy, is led by a Master!!! If you are even slightly interested take this course with Annie Larson!!  I took it with my daughter and we had so much fun!!  It’s really a very strong class with free access to the instructor.  Kristin G., February, 2018


Annie wrote things down BEFORE I arrived!  She told me she gets stuff before the reading and takes notes to share.  I was impressed by her abilities.  I want another reading now that I know how talented she is.  Had heard good things, but WOW!  Charlene L., February, 2018

Thank you for the great reading.  The information you shared was accurate to what I'm going through with my job and family.  It made me feel better.  Your gifts are incredible!  Marion T.,  February, 2018

You are very talented and caring.  I appreciate the reading and being able to contact my dad and his brothers.  You said things you could not possibly know.  Amazing!  Karen L., November, 2017

I loved coming to your Expo and having a great mini-session with you.  I've never had a readings so it was fun to experience one. Thanks!  Terrie D., November 2017

I had a reading with Annie while visiting from Pennsylvania with my sister and our husbands.  Annie had warned me that she had no control who would come in for the reading as we all sat in the room with her.  I had wanted the reading.  My husband recently lost his mother, which she did not know.  As she started the reading, she said, "First we need to acknowledge the mom who recently passed." My husband flipped out and quickly left the room because he was a little scared.  He didn't want the reading.  Annie quickly moved onto so many things that were 100% correct for me and my sister.  We all could not believe that she knew my husband just lost his mother as we didn't share anything with her before the session.  Char R., July, 2017

Everything you shared was so accurate.  I couldn't understand a lot of it during the reading,  but most of it happened as you said it would happen.  You said I had a lot I needed to get through and that I would have to deal with it as best as I could, but I would get through it all over the course of 8 months.  It made me feel good and gave me a lot of confidence to move on.  You confirmed a lot of what I thought was happening.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Megan F., April, 2017

​​I had such an enjoyable time during my phone reading with Annie! I could tell that she has a real special gift to be able to connect with loved ones who come forward to communicate with her.  I definitely recommend Annie to anyone who's interested in connecting with their loved ones.  Thank you!  Julie T., March, 2017

I had a reading done by Annie a few days ago. She is very professional, and this was my first reading. It was awesome. I'd love to have another done.  Tami H.,  February, 2017

Annie is pure light, and my Master Reiki Teacher.  She is a wealth of knowledge on mediumship, intuition, Reiki, crystals, and all things about how to heal ourselves.  She is inspiring and “walks the walk.”  I’m incredibly grateful to have met her and call her my mentor.  Jane D., October, 2016

Just a quick note to let everyone know what an astonishing reading you gave me that was very unexpected.  The name George has such significance in my family and I knew when you said "George" that my mother was present as she called everybody this when she couldn't remember a person's name.  The big E and little E you said were also the way we distinguished my aunt and my child as both have similar names.  You described my mom's horse perfectly, a horse she loved so much.  You brought my mom to me and for this I am so very grateful.  Carol K., April, 2015

Annie did a reading for me at a recent festival. She shared that she had a man who was coming through to share a message with me. It was an astonishing experience that she knew the tragedy that my family experienced a few years ago.  She knew my father acted in self-defense and told me the name of the person involved.  I am most grateful that she shared that my sister did not take her own life and knew of the medications that she was on that caused her death.  Her reading lifted my spirit and I feel like I received closure.  I am so happy that I had a reading with her.  Margaret C., March, 2014

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