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Home and Land Investigation & Clearing

Move, uplift, and calm the energy in your home, business or land.

Do you feel like the energy in your home needs to change or that perhaps you need a reset?  Perhaps you have a new home or just want to clear out stale energy.  Do you hear things that you cannot explain?  Do you see images out of the corners of your eyes?  Do you have unexplained smells or notice that items are missing?  


I work with you on solutions, changes, and transformation rather than just burning sage in your home.  My mediumship abilities are coupled with my paranormal investigation background to survey your surroundings.  I will tell you who or what is in your space.  I work with those spirits or energies to get them to leave you alone, learn to share your space, or move them on from your dwelling.  Then I clear your space and implement a course of action, using many tools in my expansive toolbelt to calm the energy.

My earliest experiences as a working medium began in my teens when I was asked to investigate homes and properties that were having unexplained activity.  One old home in particular was having issues in the dining room where plates that hung on the walls were being flung across the room. 

I was called in and able to connect with the spirit of the late husband that was causing the physical activity.  I gave the home owner the evidential proof that it was her late husband.  Sometimes loved ones in spirit just want to get our attention.  Flying plates is a great way to to do that!  The family was scared because they didn't realize who was behind the activity.

If you think I might be able to help you, please start with an Extended Phone session to discuss what's going on as I am able to tap into the energy remotely and give suggestions. Remember I don't want to know too much information, as spirit will share with me and I find this much more helpful.

If I need to come to your place, rates vary depending on the amount of time I will need and travel to you, Tuesday-Friday, beginning at 10a. For instance, large estates need more time than townhouses. Use the Buy Now button below to book your location, that is within 15 minutes non-rush-hour driving time from my office in Sterling, Virginia, and 1.5 hours of investigation time.  (Maryland, DC, and West Virginia are all more than 15 minutes from my office.)

Use this PayPal option to type in your quoted amount from me for clearings that are more than 15 minutes away.

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