Natal Chart

Includes a general overview via phone of your birth chart as well as a brief forecast of upcoming events.  Each session is 25 minutes and you may book more than 1 session to gain more insight into your birth chart.

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Life Purpose Chart

What did your soul come here to accomplish? 


Your life's blueprint was created by you and is written in your astrology chart. 


Your chart may help you gain insight and clarity to your:

  • life purpose path

  • areas needed for healing and growth

  • insights into your personality and how you interact with others

  • past lives and family relationships

  • possible upcoming or current challenging times.

Includes a written report that is usually 8 to 12 pages and a 25 minute phone reading to go over your chart.

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Life Purpose Chart

What did your soul come here to accomplish?


Your birth numbers may help you gain insight and clarity to your:


  • your soul

  • your mastery

  • your gifts

  • your knowledge

  • your path

  • your challenges

  • your assets

  • your motivations

  • your strengths

  • how to balance yourself

  • your destination


Includes a written report that is usually 5 to 8 pages and 25 minute phone reading to go over your numbers.

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Soulful teaching, reading and healing

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