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Tips for a Successful Psychic Medium Reading

Prepare for a psychic medium, Reiki energy healing, astrology, or past life regression session with Annie.

Annie only offers mediumship in an extended phone session. Her services include offering intuitive guidance or card readings in either a regular phone session, an extended phone session, or with an enhanced Reiki session.

I receive information through my innate and well-developed intuition.  While I open the lines of communication from spirit, I don’t choose who will come through.  I might have a knowing, feeling, vision, song, memory, location, sign, or symbol.  Exactly what spirit shares with me is what I share with my clients and it usually doesn't make sense to me, but 90% of the time, my clients know exactly what it means.  It's like piecing together a puzzle.

Sometimes I feel like I am playing charades with spirit underwater!

  • Make sure I have your correct email and phone number, as these might differ from your PayPal contact information.

  • Review your confirmation/reminder emails for meeting specifics, such as time, location, and other important details included in the emails. After checking your spam folder, if you didn't receive these emails, assume I don't have the right information for you.

  • If you want to include mediumship in your session, choose your booking and select an "Extended" session. 

  • Successful readings are a three-way connection between the medium, client, and spirit.

  • If you are only open to hearing from one particular person, and no one else will do, please refrain from booking with me. If that person doesn't come through (I make no guarantees), you won't hear anything else being shared in your session, and you might end up disappointed.

  • This opportunity offers closure by showcasing the continuation of consciousness.

  • Arrive at your session with an open attitude. It elevates the connection.

  • Be punctual to make the most of your booked time, as I cannot extend it.

  • Have appropriate expectations. Don’t make deals with your loved ones in spirit that if they say “xyz” then you’ll know it’s them. You will miss the good stuff being shared. 

  • Your loved one must work within my data banks of references, sounds, and symbols. Because of this, you may not get a specific validation or code word you request from your loved one.

  • Adopted relatives can have their biological family come through, even if they've never met. In fact, people you haven't met can come through. Spirit takes advantage of being able to communicate whenever a medium opens herself up to the spirit realm.

  • Understand that I don’t control who shows up or what they say.

  • Please don’t ask me aloud for anyone specific before a session.

  • Your loved one in spirit determines when to enter and end the connection.

  • You may engage with one or two loved ones in the time allotted. Understand that I share from every spirit that shows up for your session. Please don't ask, "Is there anybody else." 

  • Take notes. It’s hard to remember everything when you’re having a reading. Things that seem puzzling now may become clear later.

  • Confirmations and validations enhances the energy.

  • Until I am done sharing from spirit, which takes up the first half of the session, I don’t want to know details about you or your loved ones. After, you will have your chance to share more with me and ask questions.

  • I only read participants of the session. For instance, don’t ask how your child is doing in school or spouse is doing at work.

  • I will not tap into anyone who has not booked with me and given me permission.

  • Longer "Extended" sessions, when used for intuitive counseling, allow me to address up to three questions. 

  • Understand that you may not receive the answers that you seek. It might not be your time.  

  • Please do not prolong the session or ask new questions after the alarm chimes. Understand, I have people waiting.

  • Free will guides you to make choices in life. I am not a fortune-teller.

  • If I have a negative feeling that I feel compelled to share for your benefit, I'll approach it supportively, acknowledging your free will to change your life.

Reiki is a powerful tool for healing, addressing issues in the mind, body, and spirit. During an enhanced Reiki session, I provide intuitive guidance (excluding mediumship) following the Reiki healing session.

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