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About Annie Larson

Born with abilities as a natural medium, I have had a lifetime of experiences with spirit.  It wasn't until a friend, deep in a coma, asked me to deliver a message for healing to his family that I reemerged to explore a deeper connection to spirit. Reminded that my gifts could help others in a meaningful way, I continued my journey of professionally reading clients and sharing my knowledge by teaching and mentoring others.

I am an experienced professional medium who has been examined, tested, vetted, and certified by schools of mediumship, universities, metaphysical and Spiritualist churches, and professional forums.

My Background

As a young child, I had many encounters and experiences with spirit.  Around age five, I received confirmation that spirit was around me and that I could sense them in many ways.  As I got a little older, I naturally began giving readings in my back yard dressed up like a Roma fortune teller with a small goldfish bowl turned upside-down to suffice as my crystal ball. These 10-cent readings were my first professionally paid readings.  Read more about my mediumship journey on my blog page.


​I worked giving readings and investigating paranormal activity until my late 20s when I had some unpleasant experiences. My skills never left me, but I no longer offered my services. Over a decade ago, I had the son of a friend come to me in my dreams as he lay in a coma fighting for his life. He had a message for me to deliver to his dad.  I resisted delivering the message mainly because I didn't want to come out of my mediumship closet nor inflict any emotional pain on his family. Spirit had other ideas for me and began manifesting physical activity in my home to nudge me along.  I conceded to spirit and finally delivered the message.  The son, as he had shown me, recovered.


Many more experiences followed.  I reconnected to how profoundly healing readings were and I was left in full surrender to spirit.  There was no going back into my metaphysical closet.  I stepped back into professional mediumship.  Spirit picks us, I'm convinced. I work to humbly serve, teach and help others on their journey here.

Tested, Vetted, and Certified:
Medium & Psychic
Usui Reiki Master Teacher
Yoga Teacher E-RYT® 500, YACEP®
Yoga Nidra teacher
Hellenistic astrologer
Tantric Numerologist
Past-Life Regression Therapist
Master Life Coach
Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping)

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