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Psychic Medium Reading Sessions

The Difference Between a Psychic Reading and a Mediumship Reading

What is Psychic Session?

Intuitive counseling and psychic sessions offer guidance, direction, and clarity concerning your questions to allow you to grow into the next phase of your soul’s journey. My focus is on what is right with you instead of what is wrong. It helps validate and support you on issues that you might not see for yourself.

What is Mediumship Session?

Mediumship reading sessions connection you to your loved ones who are in spirit. Mediumship readings affirm the continuation of life, the existence of souls, and their ongoing connection to you. This type of validation from spirit can bring profound healing.

To include mediumship in your session, please book an “Extended" in person or phone session.

I connect to your loved ones in spirit and share their evidence-based messages and positive affirmations. Your loved one in spirit may reveal guidance, direction, and clarity to bring in information and messages. I only offer Mediumship in an “Extended” in person or phone session.


Shorter phone sessions and "Enhanced" Reiki phone and in person sessions provide intuitive guidance (mediumship is not included) to your questions using cards if needed. As an example, you'll need to come up with three questions to ask or clarify. We usually discuss one of the three questions, but frequently we discuss all three.

I offer sessions in a gentle, humorous and down-to-earth manner. Most clients share they feel as though they are chatting with a friend. Every reading is done with compassion, empathy, and care.

Medium Annie Larson Phone Reading

Phone Reading

Phone sessions are for one-on-one via phone, within the US and based on Eastern Standard Time. A regular “phone session” will not include mediumship (connecting to loved ones on the other side).

A longer “extended” phone session is for mediumship to connect with your loved ones in spirit. Or you may book a longer session to have more time for psychic, intuitive counseling or a card session.

International clients must meet the following criteria: have an iPhone, US phone number, and US PayPal to pay in US currency.  

Medium Annie Larson Office

In Person Reading

An in person session is for an intuitive and/or mediumship, one-on-one session at my office in Sterling, Virginia. In your confirmation and reminder emails, we provide the exact location and instructions for meeting in person.

An “extended” session allows for mediumship to connect with your loved ones in spirit, intuitive counseling, or a card session.

So there is time for mediumship to unfold. I only offer mediumship in an “Extended Phone Session,” or “Extended In Person Session.”

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