Mediumship & Intuitive Counseling

Connecting to our loved ones in spirit and sharing their evidence based messages and positive affirmations; guidance, direction, or clarity may be revealed during an open reading allowing spirit to bring in what is relevant to your life.  Depending on how long of a session you book, sessions include anything that spirit has to share with you, including messages from your loved ones, or clarification for your questions. 


For instance, you will be asked to think of three questions that you would like address or seek clarification.  Usually one of the three will be addressed, but many times, all three are.

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I want to thank you for the three readings you provided.  You were able to connect with my brother, grandmother and aunt.  You described them and knew exactly how they passed on.  You brought back many memories of my childhood with my grandmother and how she use to make jam.  Thanks for the closure and peace you have given me with their passing.  Also, you were right about my current employer and my wonderful marriage.  You are truly blessed and have a wonderful gift to heal all. Sandy

I offer sessions in a gentle, humorous and down-to-earth manner.  Most clients share that they feel as though they are chatting with a friend.  Every reading is done with compassion, empathy, care, and humor.  

What is Intuitive Counseling?

Intuitive counseling sessions offer guidance, direction, and clarity  concerning your questions to allow you to grow into the next phase of your soul's journey.  My focus is what is right with you instead of what is wrong.  It helps validate and support you on issues that you might not see for yourself.

What is Mediumship?

A mediumship reading brings forth information, connections and messages from your loved ones who are in spirit.  Readings validate that even though your loved ones have left the body, their souls still exist and they are still connected to you.  This type of validation from spirit can bring profound healing.

Annie Larson Phone Reading

Phone Reading

A phone session is for a one-on-one session via phone, within the US and based on Eastern Standard Time (EST).  Choose either a phone session or a longer extended phone session.

International clients that must meet the following criteria:  have an iPhone, US phone number, US PayPal, and pay in US currency.  All session  times are US Eastern Standard Time.  Otherwise, I am no longer taking international clients.