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Astrology July 2021 Horoscope

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Horoscope July 2021

By: Annie Larson, certified psychic medium & astrologer

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Sun in Cancer for most of July brings emotional intensity and care for family and children. The energy shifts July 22nd as the bright Sun begins its yearly transit in fiery Leo, its natal position. Sun in Leo shifts emotions to playtime and fun as we enjoy the dog days of summer.

The new moon in Cancer July 9th (where the moon conjuncts the Sun in Cancer) offers a time to reflect inwards to cleanse your emotions. We’ll have two full moons in the sign of Aquarius in July and August. The full moon July 24th is a time to hang out with friends and try new things outside of your comfort zone. You’ll have another chance to expand your social circles and life experiences with the second full moon August 22nd. With Saturn also in Aquarius, tensions arise in societal differences. Perhaps we’ll experience political clashes once again expressed in rallies and protests as our emotions will be far more complicated.

July 6th as Mercury in Gemini squares Neptune, retrograde in Pisces, confusion and controversy surrounds the ending of things (business, relationships, legal matters, etc.). Your story ends from misunderstandings and misinterpretations. Then Mercury voyages into calming Cancer on July 11th where you will have a chance to clear up any unwanted thoughts and emotions. Look for insights to situations you have been contemplating as Mercury harmonizes with Neptune July 24th. Mercury’s move into Leo on the July 27th, brings more joyful energy as we move into a more lighthearted time in August.

July 13th is a date to watch as there is great harmony between Venus and Mars in Leo as sparks explode in the romance department. Venus and Mars meet once every two years so look for a powerful love connection. Venus enters Virgo, July 21st, joined by Mars a week later, invites a playful period to relax and soak up summer fun.

By month end, Mars shifts from Leo into Virgo, July 29th, calling us to organize our lives. Be aware that Mars will oppose Jupiter, retrograde in Pisces, as it enters Virgo so don’t bite off more than you can chew. You’ll feel like cleaning out ALL the closets but take it easy and do them one by one. It’s a great time to look at routines especially in health and wellness.

Jupiter, benevolent planet of growth and expansion is retrograde in Pisces, June 20th, and then Aquarius July 28th through October. We may revisit expansion that happened mid-spring and the meaning of both experiences when Jupiter retrograde moved backwards through both Pisces and Aquarius.

Saturn, planet of discipline, in Aquarius retrograde until October, retraces the themes of our livelihood, routines and money that will be echoed from last February.

Chiron, that represents the wound that can never heal, stations retrograde in Aries July 15th. Chiron’s orbit between Saturn and Uranus absorbs the energies of these planets for spiritual evolution and wisdom. In Aries, Chiron encourages us to defend our position and step forward independently and with confidence. With Chiron retrograde, we might be reexperiencing a vulnerable period from our past.

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