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Astrology 2020 Pluto Saturn Conjunct

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

January 5th, I wrote about “revolution” (my word of the year) and “cataclysmic changes.” Tapping into part astrology and part psychic, the paring of Pluto and Saturn would bring about world change in the foundations and soft comfortable places of our lives often taken for granted. This year would shake our roots and pluck us from soft loam. We would be shaken and exposed to reveal our core. Naked and raw, we would move forward from pain, channeling it into a new form for the greater good of the human race.

I further wrote in other blogs that these would be times of global upheavals, financial surges, civil unrest, huge swings in money around large corporations, social and economic changes, and natural disasters such as earthquakes. The next Solar Eclipse June 21st will set the stage for the rest of the year.

To recap, on January 12, 2020, Pluto (planet of death rebirth, and transformation) conjunct Saturn (planet of structure, authority, karma, and responsibility) at 22 degrees Capricorn (earth sign of building for the future) ruled by Saturn. The formidable planets pair every 33 to 38 years where antiquated structures are ripped down to their bare studs to rebuild.

Saturn is associated with law, security, control, organizations, authority, repression, old age and death. Saturn is the Lord of Karma—the cycle of birth and death.

Pluto is associated with power, transformation, occult, secrecy, mass movements, shadow sides, and extreme forces in nature. Pluto works at the core, fertilized by decay and destruction, to breakdown establishments to rebuild anew. Pluto is Lord of Hades and the underworld.

Capricorn, the sea goat, represents the understanding of powerful structures. Capricorn connects us with death and rebirth through the winter solstice with the rebirth of the sun. Capricorn is associated with the tenth house of the zodiac that addresses career, society, reputation, authority and father figures, governments, and attitudes towards the rule of law.

When these two maleficent slow-moving planets align, the energy is ripe for massive changes in structures regardless of how big or how strongly built and for global and epic changes, the likes we have not seen since their last conjunct. This planetary alignment tends to make people more reactive, with fear and negativity around these times. We are in an environment for things like war, terrorism, repression, tyranny, civil unrest, massive unemployment, recession/depression, abuse of power, increase in natural disasters, and epidemics.

The last time both planets were in Capricorn in January, 1518, Martin Luther exposed financial corruption of the Catholic Church sparking the Reformation. The Dancing Plague broke out in France. In 1982 the AIDS pandemic and economic recession, we saw the highest rate of unemployment since the Great Depression.

Interestingly, Uranus made its 7-year transit through Taurus (also an earth sign) between 1515 and 1523 at time when Pluto and Saturn conjunct Capricorn January in 1518. The Reformation of Martin Luther had global implications. Uranus transits give us information around business and revolutionary changes. Uranus clears paths and won’t tolerate things that no longer serve. Taurus rules food, money, the body, and foundations. Since March, we have seen changes in all areas.

Beginning June 21, with the Solar Eclipse at zero degrees Cancer, we will experience more difficulties and restrictions because this eclipse brings misjudgments and obstructions.

Mars, who has a reputation for starting fights, enters its native domicile of Aries on June 27, squaring Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto making for a very volatile time through the end of the year. These squares ignite intense times of severe conflicts globally. (Mars had hard angles to Saturn and Pluto at the beginning of both World Wars.)

Jupiter is a beneficial expansive planet of broad wisdom and knowledge. It’s presence in Capricorn might encourage optimism, but Jupiter has a tendency of being invincible. With the aspects of Saturn, Pluto, and Mars combination, Jupiter might arrogantly feel it cannot lose and get ready for battle.

A shift for reflection comes June 30th with Jupiter in retrograde, conjunct Pluto in retrograde, followed by Saturn in retrograde July 1, all in the sign of Capricorn. These planetary retrogrades will deal with our belief systems, restructuring, and handling change and transformation.

November 13, 2020 Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn conjunct again at 22 degrees Capricorn ignited by Mars (for a second time) that turns direct in native Aries November 15. As Mars did in March, 2020, it will highly intensify the aspects of the trio's conjunct. This could make for a very explosive and unstable couple of weeks. This is a period as an astrologer and psychic that I am most concerned about because it comes right after the November 3rd election. "Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy night," ~Bette Davis

December 14th Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius will cast its shadow over relationships and money bringing about burgeoning frustrations that might boil over as people will feel as though they have no control.

After this volatile date, things should start calming down around the Winter Solstice December 21, 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius, leading us into the 2021 where things will continue to get better into the middle of 2021. This Pluto-Saturn conjunct will be complete on January 31, 2021.

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