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Are you curious about a loved one on the other side?  Perhaps you are having synchronous experiences that you would like to understand or maybe you are looking for intuitive guidance, direction or clarity.

Born with abilities, I have had a lifetime of experiences with spirit.  It wasn't until a friend, deep in a coma, asked me to deliver a message for healing to his family that I reemerged to explore a deeper connection to spirit.


Reminded that my gifts could help others in a meaningful way, I continued my journey of professionally reading clients and sharing my knowledge by teaching and mentoring other mediums.

As a certified psychic medium, I have been featured in Posh Seven Magazine and on national radio.  I was a guest speaker at the Women’s Health and Wellness Summit, World Tia Chi and Qigong Day, and a guest teacher and reader at many psychic events and metaphysical churches. 


I am a certified astrologer with a published bi-monthly horoscope column and contributor to other magazines and online sites.  I co-founded the Holistic Energy Expo, voted a festival finalist in the Best of Loudoun, that reaches thousands of people to the one day, bi-yearly event.  I teach yoga, meditation, Reiki, and certify other mediums and psychics.  I'm a past-life regression practitioner through Brian Weiss' certification program.

All sessions in Northern Virginia will receive a confirmation email after booking online, and a reminder the day before your session.  If you are outside the Northern Virginia, please book a phone session.  In-person sessions are at our wellness center above Healing Crystals Showroom, in Dulles, Virginia.  Scroll to learn more and book.

Featured as a psychic medium in Posh Seven Magazine.

Guest Speaker and Leading Expert

"Based on our survey results, your presentation received an average score of 4.75 on a rating scale with 5 being Excellent....thank you....Your efforts to present a quality and engaging presentation  added to the success of this year’s summit.”


Published bi-monthly horoscope column.

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Guest Speaker

Featured Reiki Master Teacher

The healing

power and energy of

channeling Reiki.

Annie Larson, June 7, 2019

Guest trance mediumship  teacher

"Thank you so much for joining us as an instructor for the 37th Chief Rainbow Weekend...The attendees in your class absolutely loved your presentation..."  ~Rev. Nancy L. Jones, Pastor


Interview, Romper Magazine, for Gemini 2020 horoscope.  “Poor little Gemini,” Annie Larson, certified Hellenistic astrologer..tells Romper. “Last year was Gemini’s year of marriage. Unfortunately, that’s no longer.” 


Interview, Romper Magazine, for Cancer 2020 horoscope.  “We’ve got some big movements,” Annie Larson, certified Hellenistic...tells Romper. “Uranus is going to be a big movement for Cancers. It’s all about awakenings.”

Interview, Romper Magazine, for Taurus 2020 horoscope.  "One major event to keep in mind will happen around August 20, when Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus," says Annie Larson...

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