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Move, uplift, and calm the energy in your home, business or land.

Do you feel like the energy in your home needs to change or that perhaps you need a reset?  Do you see or feel things on the land surrounding your home?  Do you feel as though there is someone or something that is sharing your home with you without an invitation?  Do you hear things that you cannot explain?  Do you see images out of the corners of your eyes?  Do you have unexplained smells or notice that items are missing?  Do you feel as though you are being watched or sense the presence of someone else? 

My earliest experiences as a working medium began in my teens when I was asked to investigate homes that were having unexplained activity.  One old home in particular was having issues in the dining room where silver plates that hung on the walls were being flung across the room. 

I was called in and able to connect with the spirit of the late husband that was causing the physical activity.  I gave the home owner the evidential proof that it was her late husband.  Sometimes loved ones in spirit just want to get our attention.  Flying silver plates is a great way to to do that!  The family was scared because they didn't realize who was behind the activity.

My job is to help spirits resolve their concerns and persuade them to move on to where they may find healing and peace. I do NOT cast out spirits or banish them--that is not my job nor in alignment with my soul's purpose.  I am here to serve as a mediator between spirit and the living.  Sometimes the living needs to learn how to live in harmony with spirit, as most times spirit has been at any given location for a LONG  time. 


If you think I might be able to help you, please contact me.  I will need the address, and a date and time you are available Monday-Friday, 10a-4p, or Sunday afternoons.


Rates vary depending on the amount of time I will need (large estates need more time than townhouses etc.) and the travel involved to get to the site.  Use the Buy Now to book your location, that is within 15 minutes non-rush-hour driving time from my office in Dulles, Virginia, and 1.5 hours of investigation time. Rates increase traveling further out and larger estates needing more time to investigate.


You may also discuss by booking a phone session here to discuss what's going on as I am able to tap into the energy remotely and give suggestions. 


Remember I don't want to know too much information, as spirit will share with me and I find this much more helpful.


On behalf of my whole family, thank your for visiting us today.  I was happy that things happened while you were here as it confirmed that all this has not been our imagination.  Things seem quieter now after your visit.  James

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I highly recommend Annie if you have any unresolved questions! Everything she said was spot on!

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