Reiki Certifications

Attune to Reiki

Follow a path through Reiki Levels I, II, III/Master and Animal Reiki

You will: learn the history of Reiki, receive attunements at the various levels, receive symbols at the various levels, scan auras, clear your chakras, channel Reiki, learn hand placements, give self and group sessions, channel Reiki remotely and learn Reiki for animals (if you so choose).

I am so grateful for Annie! I went through Reiki 1 with her a few years ago and decided to go back for her reiki master class years later. Annie is very knowledgeable and a patient and kind teacher.  She is just a pleasure to be around and to learn from. I highly recommend her reiki classes to anyone who is called to reiki. THANK YOU ANNIE!  Stephanie 

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Reiki 1 Certification

Reiki I

No prerequisites to attend.  You will receive a full Reiki session before your Reiki Level I attunement.

Learn Usui Reiki energy as taught in the tradition and lineage of Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki is a technique that uses the universal life force energy channeled by the Reiki practitioner to activate the natural processes of the client's body/mind/spirit to restore physical and emotional well-being.

After this introductory course you will be able to give Reiki to yourself, family and friends.

Learn Reiki history, how it is integrated with your energetic field, and begin practicing on others as you prepare for Reiki Level II (if you choose to continue a path to become a Reiki Master).

Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki

Deepen your practice and  understanding as a Reiki practitioner.  This class is designed for Reiki II practitioners who have learned symbols and distance Reiki. 


Grow your Reiki practice by integrating animal Reiki into your energy work. This non-invasive therapy makes it ideal for working with all kinds of animals, from domestic pets to wildlife. 


You will learn Reiki techniques for working with animals in person and from a distance.  You will be guided to create a healing space where you can channel Reiki on animals as well as communicate with them, thereby creating a stronger connection with your intuition that can assist you when communicating with animals.


Join me for a unique experience how animals can be your teachers and guides. 

Reiki II Certification

Reiki II

Reiki Level II training will enhance your Reiki Level I training and include symbols and techniques to expand channeled Reiki energy.  You will receive a full Reiki session.


Reiki Level II will focus on an extensive opening of the energy channels while practicing Reiki on others.  Students will receive an attunement along with Reiki symbols that allow the practitioner to connect more deeply to draw on the benefits that the symbols represent. This includes the ability to send distance Reiki, clear energy blockages across time, and unblock physical objects and locations.


Reiki Level II Certification requires that you have successfully completed a validate Reiki Level I Certification regardless of the Reiki lineage.  You will receive a full Reiki session before the Reiki Level II attunement.  Due to the intensity of the attunement process, Usui recommended 21 days to pass between receiving the Level I and Level II attunements, but trust your intuition if you plan to continue on sooner.

Reiki Master Certification

Reiki Master

Reiki Master Level III Attunement. The master symbol will open all energy centers, raise your vibration and access the highest levels of Reiki energy. You will be guided by a higher energy and master guide for your life work as a Reiki Master.  You will receive a full Reiki session.


This journey may address issues as an opportunity to advance your soul’s journey. This shift of consciousness may be a challenge, yet presents the Reiki Master with unlimited opportunity as you transcend to a higher level of awareness.


Certificate as a Reiki Master Practitioner will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of all requirements and demonstration of competency in all aspects of the practice. The student must have received a minimum of Reiki Level II certification of attunement and training in Reiki (any lineage).


In keeping with Usui, 21 days of practice should pass between Reiki Level II and III/Master, but trust you intuition if you plan to continue on sooner.