Preparing for a reading:

As a certified psychic medium, my role is to provide positive and loving affirmations from loved ones and spirit.   I am a vessel who will open the lines of communication from spirit, but I don’t choose who will come through. 


I'm able to tap into and "read" energy.  "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another."  Einstein proved that energy can never "die" it can only change.  Energy is energy to me whether it's living (existing on earth), crossed over (another dimension), animal or plant, etc.  Reiki is a great tool for me to use not only for channeling healing, but also to help with tapping into issues that are going on in your mind, body, and spirit.

Because I firmly believe that we all have free will, if there is anything that might be the slightest bit negative, I will present it in a loving and positive way.  You have free will to change anything you receive in your reading. 

A purely psychic reading brings forth information about your current situation and a sense of what might be coming up, such as job, children, travel, love life, etc.  A mediumship reading brings forth messages from your loved ones who are in spirit.  Usually my readings involve a little bit of both (depending on the length of our session), but I let spirit guide the reading.  As such, I cannot guarantee that a person that you want to connect to will come through.


Psychic mediumship readings are a process.  I am not an edited medium as you may have seen on TV.  I have personally been trained by many famous mediums and they are excellent but not as perfect as they appear on TV. 


  • Successful readings are a three-way connection between the medium, client and spirit.

  • Arrive to your session with an open attitude. It elevates the connection.

  • Arrive promptly to get the entire time you have booked as I cannot go over your allotted time.

  • Respect the process of the reading and the ability to bring loved ones with messages.

  • Confirmations and validations are helpful to help bring the energy in stronger.

  • Please ask clear and focused questions and do so towards the beginning of your session.

  • You may not receive the answers that you seek.  It might not be your time to hear the answers.

  • Understand that spirit decides who comes in and when the connection is over.

  • Please do not prolong the session after the alarm chimes.  Understand I have people waiting.

  • I'm not a fortune-teller.  You are guided with free will that allows you to make choices in life.

  • This is an honored opportunity for you to have closure and healing through the evidence of the continuation of life.

  • Mediumship carries a different vibration and it is my go to first.

  • If you only want intuitive or psychic guidance, let me know ahead of time.


Before you show up for a reading (either in person, via phone, or email reading), spirit is working with me!  I pay attention to everything your loved ones share and many times it doesn’t make sense to me.  For instance, I had a grandmother who came through who showed me red and white striped candy canes.  While that didn't mean anything to me, the client was writing a book about her grandmother and candy canes was part of the title of the book.  Bringing through current things that you are doing is very common for spirit to share with me.  It confirms that they are still around you and know what is happening in your life! 

Spirit shares things that I can relate to, though, again, they may not make any sense to me.  For instance, a Dad came through for a client and I kept getting the image of the hunchback of Notre Dame.  I thought perhaps Dad had back problems or had a hunchback, but when I shared it, the client revealed that her Dad went to Notre Dame University.

In a more recent reading, I had an older man on the other side come through who was showing me John Travolta singing a song from "Grease," that related to the client I was about to have a phone reading with.  I sensed the man coming through was named John. Then I saw a deck of playing cards and asked if John was a gambler or liked playing cards. Then I was show the face cards shuffle in front of my eyes and the Jack of clubs was the card presented to me. "Oh, you went by the name Jack and not John."  All this was confirmed moments later on a phone session, with additional evidence that came as I tapped in for the reading.  It felt like I was playing charades with spirit!  It was effective though.

Another interesting reading was with an older petite female client.  Before she came to the reading I was getting images of Japanese made cars, but specifically a 1979 Toyota that I had once owned.  When our reading began, I began getting much stronger information from her father, who had passed, and shared the image of the movie "Talladga Nights" (that I have never seen).  I told her that her Dad shared HE wasn't the race car driver.  She told me SHE was and had raced Japanese made cars in the 1970s!

Before a more recent reading, I received that a daughter was coming for a reading that her mom wanted her to have.  That someone was "in town" and foods were being prepared.  I had many images of pearls and the distinct image of Vermeer's painting of the "Girl with pearl earring."  Turns out that the client was in town visiting her mother who wanted her to have a reading with me.  She loved pearls (wears them every day) but most especially the pearl stud earrings that she was wearing that she had found in her purse and had put on about an hour before our reading!

Many times, I am given something that only you will know such as images of shared memories, how they passed, favorite food, or memorable songs.  In a very powerful reading a few years ago, I had the spirit of a husband show me a little girl, clad only in white underwear, running through a sprinkler on a green lawn.  The husband and wife met when they were children and this was the first image of her that he remembered and often shared that with her when he was alive as a fond first memory of the girl he fell in love with.  No other person on earth knew that story, not even her sister who was very close to her. 


Often, I get names or parts of names, but have found that asking them to show and tell me things that only you know is far more powerful.  I had a very special grandmother come through in a reading.  The client wanted a last name that had been changed and no other person on earth knew the original last name.  I kept getting characters on the Rugrats cartoon show (yes spirit works in strange ways!).  I told her that it was either Lipinski or Lipschitz--and yes, she confirmed, it was Lipschitz! 


Another client asked for the name that she was born with as she was adopted and was born with a different first name.  It was in a group reading setting.  I wasn't getting the name and released the reading and moved onto the next reading in which I shared that the name Elaine was coming through.  The previous client raised her hand and shared that her birth name was Elaine!  Names don't always come through, and sometimes it's when I least expect them to come through!

Your particular loved one might not come through and I cannot tell you why or why not.  I had a phone reading with a client and shared that her grandfather was coming through with two women.  One was his first wife who died young.  One was his second wife.  Her grandpa took me to his last day on earth.  He was lying in a hospital bed, the walls were yellow tile.  He came in because his head hurt.  He was there for three days and passed from his head.  He showed me three children on his left and three grown children on his right.  The older children were from his first marriage and the younger from his second.  The client was confirming everything as I continued sharing from her grandpa.  I was thinking to myself that this is a great reading...right?  Good evidence and very specific.  Well the client burst into tears and proclaimed that she NEVER liked that grandpa and could care less about talking with him.  She was very upset that I didn't bring through her son who she REALLY wanted to connect with.  Spirit always shows up, but I don't get to choose who shows up for you.

Relax, breathe, and LISTEN.  Mediums don’t want a lot of input into the reading BUT we do want validation when asked.  This way spirit can bring in more information and the connection gets stronger.

Soulful teaching, reading and healing

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