Tips for a Medium or Intuitive Session

For a Successful Experience

  • Successful readings are a three-way connection between the medium, client and spirit.

  • This is an opportunity for you to have closure through the evidence of the continuation of life.

  • Arrive to your session with an open attitude. It elevates the connection.

  • Arrive promptly to get the entire time you have booked as I cannot go over your allotted time.

  • Have appropriate expectations. Don’t make deals with your loved ones in spirit that if they say "xyz" then you’ll know it’s really them.  You will miss the good stuff being shared. 

  • Take notes. It’s hard to remember everything when you’re getting a reading. Some things won’t make sense at the time but will later on.

  • Participate in your reading. Ask questions!

  • Respect the process of the reading and the ability to bring loved ones with messages.

  • Confirmations and validations are helpful to help bring the energy in stronger.

  • Please ask clear and focused questions and do so towards the beginning of your session.

  • You may not receive the answers that you seek.  It might not be your time to hear the answers.

  • Understand that spirit decides who comes in and when the connection is over.

  • Understand that I don't control who shows up or what they say.  Please don't ask for anyone specific before a session.

  • Please do not prolong the session after the alarm chimes.  Understand I have people waiting.

  • Refrain from asking new questions when the bell chimes as I am wrapping up your session.

  • I'm not a fortune-teller.  You are guided with free will that allows you to make choices in life.

Reiki is a great tool for me to use not only for channeling healing, but also to help with tapping into issues that are going on in your mind, body, and spirit.

I receive information through my innate and well-developed intuition.  While I open the lines of communication from spirit, I don’t choose who will come through.  I might have a knowing, feeling, vision, song, memory, sign, or symbol.  Exactly what spirit shares with me is what I share with my clients and it usually doesn't make sense to me, but 90% of the time, my clients know exactly what it means.  It's like piecing together a puzzle.  Sometimes I feel like I am playing charades with spirit---underwater. ​

Because I firmly believe that we all have free will, if there is anything that might be the slightest bit negative, I will present it in a loving and positive way.  

Spirit shares things that I can relate to, though they may not make sense to me.

For instance, I had a dad came through for a client and shared the image of the hunchback of Notre Dame.  I thought perhaps Dad had back problems or had a hunchback, but when I shared it exactly as spirit showed me, the client revealed that her Dad went to Notre Dame University.

In another reading, the spirit of a grandmother came through the veil and showed me dozens of red and white striped candy canes.  When I shared that exact image with my client, she told me that she was writing a book about her grandmother and that candy canes was part of the title of the book, which verified that grandma knew about the book my client was writing.

I had a name come through in a strange way when reading for a client whose husband came through.  He showed me his muscles and working out at the gym.  My client could not understand why he was showing himself in that manner, because it wasn't what she remembered of her husband "Jim!"  He was using these images to get me to share his name "Jim" and not that he worked out at a "gym."