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Mediumship Readings Pre- and Post-Pandemic

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

We’ve been in lock down. My last in-person reading, March 13th, was a group session held in my office. A cacophony of happy women drinking white wine and sharing stories of their readings from departed loved-ones that came through the veil to share messages and psychic information. I closed my office with joyous satisfaction. After having watered all my plants, I left in the brisk early evening with the last orange colors fading in the late winter sky, not knowing that we would have to huddle together alone in our homes to pioneer a new normal. Yes, I have had dreams about world unrest, but none foreshadowed the ominous deadly germ of Covid-19.

I miss meeting face-to-face. I miss the routine of going to the office that I have carefully decorated and made cozy and inviting. But I’m not one to dwell in the “what ifs” and the “what could have beens.” I tip-toe into the future one breath at a time. From comfort we stand still. From pain we move forward.

I am lucky to be in a position where not much is required of me. There is no one at home who needs my constant attention except maybe my yellow lab who sleeps on my feet every time I sit still. I am able to work from anywhere. Have phone, will travel. All sessions became phone sessions: readings, Reiki, sound healing, astrology, life coaching, and past life regression. My classes went online meeting via Skype. I had a boisterous happy-hour group session online that more than broke up the silence of weeks being safe at home. We all have embraced the change of online living.

When I’m reading over the phone, I feel so much more in the zone with spirit. I personally love phone sessions. I can’t see the client nor any facial expressions. I like that no one is looking at me either because I tend to drift off a bit. As I tell my in-person clients, “I’m not really here, completely.” And, after months of nothing but phone sessions, have noticed shifts in my connection to spirit.

Most profoundly, spirit began using touch before sessions, which is a less common way that spirit communicates with me, but not often appreciated. But just before a session in April, I had a grandma step forward who kept taking me to my ring finger. I guess I didn’t give her enough attention because I felt someone pulling on my ring finger and then tugging on those tiny, almost invisible, hairs on my ring finger. “Okay. I get it. Now back off,” I scolded her. I shared this with my client as we started the reading and how persistent, almost obnoxious, her deceased grandma had been. As my client shared, prior to her reading, she had asked her grandma for a sign and specifically asked her to bring up the wedding ring. Her husband had recently passed and she was wearing his ring on her ring finger in the hopes that her grandmother would help bring him through. Her grandmother did as she had asked with gentle force, but it was great comfort and validation for my client.

A lot of information is shared before a reading and usually spirit shows up when I’m the most relaxed like when I’m showering. In another incident, I had just stepped out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around me. Spirit pulled up my towel from behind and I could feel a hand at the top of my thigh as my towel was lifted. It pissed me off! I turned to confront a male spirit who presented himself as Freddy Kruger with scarred face and knives for fingers. I was about to unload a litany of expletives when I was reminded that not only do humans need healing, so does spirit. “What do you want?” I asked him. “Forgiveness?” he replied.

I had a deep sense that “Freddy” was a troubled human and now spirit. I knew that he had been sexually inappropriate with women, maybe even criminal. I didn’t get a sense that he was “evil.” He felt broken and ashamed. He was asking me to share a very difficult message.

I started my phone sessions shortly after my encounter with “Freddy.” I shared a few things with my client about her sister and mother and kept it light. Then I knew I needed to address my encounter with Freddy as I knew it was associated with her family. “Do you want to know everything? Do you want everything that is being shared with me?” I asked. “Why, yes,” my client said without hesitation. I told her that what I had to share was going to be difficult. I slowly began sharing my encounter. My client immediately knew who I was encountering and what had happened to her sister at knife-point decades ago that changed their family’s lives. Her sister never knew or saw her attacker. The family lived in fear that he would strike again. They too called the unknown assailant “Freddy Kruger.”

I assured her that she and her family had no obligation to forgive Freddy. I told her that perhaps she and her family could now find peace knowing that the attacker was on the other side. Perhaps everything I was sharing from spirit could propel all of them forward to a more peaceful place. These choices would be theirs as I am just the messenger. It was difficult but well received.

On a much lighter, more fun encounter, I had an older gentleman, a grandfather, jump out at me through my home office window. My husband was chatting with me right before a reading and I was jumping in response to spirit jumping at me. He was puzzled and I tried to explain what was happening. He shrugged his shoulders and left my office as I began the session to share the jumping grandpa. I could hear my client begin to weep as I described her grandpa and how he kept jumping out to scare me. She had no doubt it was him because that was the game they played when he was on earth. Her grandpa would run to the kitchen and hide from her only to jump out and scare her. She loved it and enjoyed the fond memories. She had no doubt this was her beloved grandfather crossing back in spirit to greet her.

Perhaps spirit feels that I need touch after so much alone time. Here’s the thing, it’s working in thoughtful ways in helping me deliver information to clients.

Mediumship is an unfoldment with spirit. Since being home, I’m much calmer and less anticipatory about readings. Again, I have a deeper level of trust with spirit and am trustful that everything that is supposed to be shared, will be shared as my surrender has, and continues, to grow more deeply.

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