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Updated: Feb 8

So, you've decided to take the plunge and solicit the services of a psychic or medium. Psychics are able to give insight into life situations and mediums connect you with loved ones in spirit. All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums. Got that? Clear as mud, right! So now that you know that mediums cover all bases (intuitive, psychic, and mediumship), you can quickly move on with your search.

According to a PEW survey from 2017, 65% of Americans believe in the supernatural with 45% of these reporting that they have had an "experience." Belief in the supernatural has risen significantly since the 1960s with an ushering in of the "New Age." Prominent mediums with shows like The Long Island Medium (Theresa Caputo), and Crossing Over (John Edwards) have made seeing a medium more mainstream.

So how do you find one of the estimated 70,000 working mediums? Ask a friend for a referral. Most of my clientele finds me through friends and relatives. Word of the mouth is truly the best way. But what if you are uncomfortable exposing your beliefs in the afterlife and the ability to communicate with departed loved ones to your close friends and relatives. How do you avoid the side-eyed-looks from disapproving people?

Ask or search on social media. My social media presence is out there and easily found in Facebook and Instagram. Another great way is to ask in a social media page or group for a reputable medium. A lot of women's social groups regularly share this type of information. Even better is you're able to read the reviews on social media and decide for yourself. A link to the medium's website is easily found on social media.

Next you can try using a search engine like Google or Chrome to search for mediums via certain criteria such as proximity to where you live or by ratings. Again, search engine results usually have reviews to read and links to websites.

Not having a website or reviews should be a red-flag. Websites are the brick and mortar of the 21 Century. Not having one could mean that the medium is inexperienced or doesn't take his or her work seriously, or perhaps it means that doing readings is more of a hobby than a profession. You want to pick someone who is "all in." Not having reviews could indicate lack of experience or that the medium might be hiding unflattering reviews.

Who's the right medium for you? You've done the search and have a list of potential mediums. Now it's time for you to use your own intuition and research. That's right! You are intuitive. Most people that choose me for their readings tell me that they just felt like I was "the one." It's very common and I encourage you to go with your gut. Have faith that yes, spirit is guiding you to the right medium.

Do your research. Do they have good reviews on social media and search engines? What is their website like? Is it appealing, easy to navigate, and updated often? Do they appear compassionate and professional? How long have they been practicing? Do they teach? Are they respected in their metaphysical community? Do other professionals seek them out for opinions, speaking engagements, professional appearances or publishing?

Finally, decide what you are willing to pay. You are going to pay a premium for well-known celebrity type mediums and they may have a waiting list spanning years. For instance, celebrity medium Tyler Henry, a young talented medium, charges $5,000 for a 2-hour reading. Lucky that there are 69,999 mediums left to choose from that typically charge far less. Decide what is right for your budget. Remember too that you get what you pay for; you're paying for that medium's talent, reputation, education, time and operating expenses. A medium who charges very little for a session probably doesn't have much faith in his or her own abilities.

After you have decided on the medium that is right for you, book your session and relax. You may not get the answers you seek or loved one that you want to connect with, but you will get what spirit wants you to hear and the loved one that needs to connect with you. It's okay to be skeptical but keep an open heart.

You may read more about me, book a session, or read my other blogs on my website:

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