Past Life Regression Therapy

Retrieve and release memories from childhood and prior lives to find more peace and joy in the present.

What other lives have you lived? Are there things from past lives that once acknowledged can be resolved or healed?  

Experience past life therapy techniques, as taught by Dr. Brian Weiss of Many Lives Many Masters, to explore your past lives.


Enjoy a deeply relaxing meditation as you are led through memories of this life and past lives or incarnations.

The regression will allow your imagination to participate in the creative process that gives meaning to each moment of awareness.


Using hypnosis, coupled with Yoga Nidra you will be able to access deep emotional healing. You will leave feeling relaxed and ready to continue your day. ​

I am certified in Past Life Regression Therapy by Dr. Weiss and a registered yoga nidra teacher.  Yoga nidra is deep sleep under the spell of spiritual meditation.

My Past Life Regression with Annie was amazing. New information was revealed, old information was confirmed. Her methods are gentle, safe, calming, while also being honest, truthful, and accepting. She created a safe space for us to experience our past life and helped us to process and discuss. I would highly recommend Annie. Professional, courteous, and very good at what she does. I received helpful information that will be very useful in dealing with trauma from this life. I am VERY impressed.  Emily 

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I highly recommend Annie if you have any unresolved questions! Everything she said was spot on!

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