Are you intuitive?  Do you sense energy?  Do you have precognition or do your dreams come true?  Do you feel other people's feelings?  Do you sense unseen others in the room?​


We are ALL intuitive!  Call it a sixth sense or extra-sensory perception.  If you have ever had a hunch, a nagging feeling, or gut feeling you are intuitive. 

We are ALL capable of being psychic.  Psychic allows intuition to come in for other people.  Have you ever met someone and feel as though you knew them?  Have you ever had a sense of what someone might be going through?  Have you ever had a knowing of upcoming events in someone's life?  When you begin receiving information for others, you are tapping into your psychic abilities.

We are ALL capable of being a medium.  Mediumship, unlike intuition and psychic abilities, is the ability to speak to a person on the other side or in spirit.  Have you ever felt like someone's relative was trying to send a message through you? 

"I studied metaphysics in school for years and Annie has taught me more in 6 weeks than all the years in school.  She helped me move away from fear and the feelings that I need protection.  Julia C."

Here are other indications of intuitive, psychic and mediumships abilities:

  • You've always had an interest in the paranormal.

  • You can walk into a room and feel pressure or heaviness.

  • You recall seeing or sensing spirits as a child.

  • You have had an unexplained fear of the dark.

  • You have active dreams.

  • You’ve had that weird feelings in old buildings and places.

  • You’ve seen things out of the corner of your eye like shadows.

  • You have a vivid imagination.

  • You feel that you can communicate with animals.

  • You’ve had anxiety for no apparent reason.

  • You hear strange noises in other rooms when no one else is home.

  • You’ve had paranormal experiences.

  • Electronics,  lights, and TVs flicker around you.

  • You have shared spontaneous information without explanation of where came from.


Classes and Certification:
Intuitive, Psychic, Mediumship
(See ongoing classes and sign up below.)

Are you ready to take your gifts to the next level?


All courses are designed for those who are passionate about wanting to develop their own connection to Spirit.


The intuitive development course begins your journey by laying the foundation needed to quiet your mind, raise your vibration, and start to open to Spirit by connecting with your own intuitive nature.  Then as you progress through the courses, you will learn many tools for linking to Spirit and giving readings.


All lessons, assignments, and exercises have been designed to help you navigate the path, develop your unique gifts, and strengthen your overall connection to loved ones on the other side. ​

My training style is to nurture and encourage you to help you not only understand your innate abilities and potential, but to aid you to believe and trust yourself in your development.  I'm passionate and committed to work with spirit and you as you move into professional readings should you so choose.  You will be challenged in an uplifting and supportive environment.

Choose any of the classes below based on your experience level.​  Each type of training includes two or  three, 2-hour sessions (10a-12p) every other week with homework and readings (for psychic or mediumship) in between weekly sessions.  Please refer to the class to see if it is a series of two or three, 2-hour sessions.  A questionnaire will be sent to help with assessment of your level of developed skills.  Otherwise begin your journey with the Intuitive Development Class.

"I’m very honored!! This was...a very emotional session! Annie Larson

is an amazing guide an I am proud to serve Spirit with her blessing. 

Thank you Annie!! you are an ingenious and generous guide!  Kristin G."



Intuitive development (Series of 2:  1/21/20, 2/4/20 or 3/5/20, 3/19/20)

Begin your journey learning how to tap into your own voice and intuition.  You will focus on the subconscious mind and ways to bring information forward in a useful way.  Through lessons, observations, practice, and homework you will begin to rely on your own thoughts and feelings to move you forward into being able to tap in for other people.  You'll begin to work with and understand symbols and signs. We will meet for two-2 hours sessions with homework in between.


Intuitive development class offerings for two 2-hour sessions (10a-12p) every other week online or in person at my office in Dulles, Virginia.  To purchase click, "Buy Now" button, $299.  A questionnaire and contract will be sent upon receipt.

"At first, I was very nervous and unsure of myself before I came to [a psychic/mediumship] class. However, I was very excited to learn and knew I was learning from one of the best. I wanted to be mindful of time but I have so many million questions constantly brewing in my head...Getting confirmation from Annie from the readings and the tools...gave me more confidence. It actually felt good and I am looking forward to helping more people...I am grateful to Annie for the class and can’t wait for the next one!  Sheila A."

Psychic Development 1 (Series of 3:  1/23/20, 2/6/20, 2/20/20 )

This is a beginner class to teach you how to tap into your psychic abilities and read other people for yourself or in a professional capacity.  The Intuitive Development class is highly recommended to take before this class.  Develop your extra sensory perception to tap into the energy of another person, place or thing.  We will learn how to work with auras, guides, meditation, objects, and tools to get the thinking mind out of the way as you start the psychic flow of information.   This is a hands-on class that is a perfect those who suspect they have psychic abilities but don't know how to use them, want a supportive environment to build their psychic development, wish to go beyond their intuition, enhance their energy healing practice (such as Reiki), develop or enhance their mediumship, or to ultimately work as a professional.


Psychic Development 2 (Series of 3:  2/18/20, 3/3/20, 3/17/20)

Continue to tap into your psychic abilities and read other people for yourself or in a professional capacity.  The Psychic Development 1 class is highly recommended to take before this class.  We will continue to to tap into the energy of others as we learn how to work with places, objects, pictures, writings, symbols, and animals. This is a hands-on class that is a perfect those who wish to strengthen their psychic abilities.

Mediumship development 1 (Series of 3:  1/16/20, 1/30/20, 2/13/20)

Begin your journey to tap into spirit and loved ones who have crossed over to deliver evidence of the continuation of life and messages.  Learn the difference between psychic and mediumship readings.  Learn techniques to connect to boost your confidence with validation through lessons, observations, practice and lots of homework, you will begin to trust the impressions and information you are receiving.  You will begin doing guided practice readings in class with and recorded ones on your own that I will listen to and give helpful, constructive feedback.

Mediumship development 2 (Series of 3:  2/27/20, 3/12/20, 3/26/20)

Continues your mediumship abilities and builds upon strengthening your Claires.  Learn the different types of mediums and explore what your natural abilities might be.  You will have many in class, guided, practice readings and will be led through the pace of a reading and holding and controlling the flow of information.  You'll record readings outside of class for feedback.  We'll explore ethics in doing professional mediumship readings.


Psychic and mediumship development 1 and 2 offerings for three 2-hour sessions (10a-12p) every other week online or for in person at my office in Dulles, VA.   Ask me about requirements for certification as a psychic or medium.  To purchase click, "Buy Now" button below.  Please type in the memo area of PayPal which class you are signing up for.  A questionnaire and contract will be sent upon receipt.  $399.


The following classes are for advanced students or working mediums who have a clear understanding of their mediumship skills and practice.  Prerequisites for a non-practicing student would be the classes listed above.

"Dear Annie,  Thank you so much for joining us as an instructor (trance mediumship) for Chief Rainbow Weekend on Saturday, July 27, 2019.  The feedback from your class was very positive and we hope that you enjoyed your time with us.  The attendees in your class absolutely loved your presentation and I’m hoping that you may be willing to come back and do another workshop with us sometime in the near future....We really enjoyed having you here and hope to see you again soon.  Many thanks, Rev. Nancy L. Jones, Pastor, Arlington Metaphysical Chapel,"  August, 2019

Mediumship development 3 (Series of 2:)

This is for the working medium to continue strengthening your practice.  Learn to employ different techniques to get information, refine evidence for more accurate information, conserve energy and blend to sustain your link, understand altered states of consciousness, and improve readings and reading techniques.

Trance Mediumship 1 (Series of 2:)

Beginning trance mediumship for channeling spirit in an uplifting way.  Learn to set your consciousness aside to safely enter a trance state and experience the first couple levels of trance.  Trance mediumship will strengthen and serve you as a medium.  You might find how much stronger your connection becomes as you spend more time in trance states.  Various methods of light trance will be explored.

Trance Mediumship/Healing 2 (Series of 2:)

Continue your journey with trance taking your levels into a deeper connections to spirit.  We will do traditional trance sessions that will lead you into an introduction to physical mediumship.

Advanced training offerings for two 2-hour sessions (10a-12p) every other week online or for in person at my office in Dulles, VA.   Ask me about requirements for certification as a psychic or medium.  To purchase click, "Buy Now" button below.  Please type in the memo area of PayPal which class you are signing up for.  A questionnaire and contract will be sent upon receipt.  $399.

Soulful teaching, reading and healing

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