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Holistic Energy Expo Application

July 19, 2020 because of Virginia regulations in response to the Covid-19 pandemic,

the Expo has been cancelled due to Force Majeure.

Applications are closed


We look for a balanced mix of vendors who offer unique handmade items and holistic and metaphysical services. 

We will consider multi-level marketing companies, like DoTerra and Young Living, that add value to their products AND have the products on hand for point-of-sale purchases the day of the Expo.


All exhibitors offering any type of readings or healing/energy work must be vetted before the Expo.  Once you have been vetted, you need never vet again. 

You may not offer readings or healing/energy work on the day of the Expo if you have not gone through our vetting process. 

Premium spaces lend more room are offered at a premium rate.

Corners allow for extra space for attendees to shop or extra room to set up for more private readings, energy work, or massage.

Spaces along the wall in the larger ballroom have room for extra storage, display, or a space to do readings with a small tray table. 

VETTING:  We will email to make arrangements to go through our vetting process.  You may not offer readings or healing/energy work on the day of the Expo if you have not gone through our vetting process.  


MLMs:  You will only be considered if you ADD VALUE and HAVE PRODUCTS ON HAND for sale that attendees can purchase and take home.  We will not choose MLMs that simply taking orders or sign up people to become sales consultants.  All vendors and products must be in keeping with our holistic and metaphysical theme.


PREMIUM SPACES:  There is a limited amount of premium spaces, so act quickly if having a corner or having a bit more room is important to you. 

Please follow the instructions.  Any questions? 


The application is below.  Please fill out all fields and options.  We copy and paste your information that you submit, so make sure you write everything EXACTLY how you want it and that all links to websites and social media work.  We copy and paste vendor sponsorship information (if you choose to become a sponsor) so make sure what you share in the application is spelled correctly and that all links work. 

When you hit submit, the screen will change and as you scroll up, you will see a "Thank You" message on your screen.  You will receive an email from the HOLISTIC ENERGY EXPO reminding you that your application is NOT COMPLETE until you have paid, but that we received your application submission.  It is automatically generated, so if you don't see it in your inbox, look in your spam folder. 

After applying, please send along the payments checks as explained in the application process and reiterated in your confirmation email.  Applications will be reviewed when all fees required are received, within 10 days of applying.  PayPal is no longer offered as a payment option.


​​Embassy Suites has a special rate for Expo overnight guests (availability is limited).  Please call the hotel directly and mention the Holistic Energy Expo when you book your room.  


A welcome letter will be sent about 3 weeks before the Expo with all kinds of helpful details and information about the day of the event.  The best way for us to quickly disseminate information is via the Holistic Energy Expo Group on Facebook click here to join.

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