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Spirit Guides...

2/2/22--Online.  No prerequisites.  This is a hands-on class that is a perfect those who suspect they have guides around them but have been unable to connect with them.


Through lessons, observations, practice, and guidance you will learn how to work with guides around you.


In this class you will:

Open yourself up to a higher awareness. 


Gain understanding of what spirit guides are and how they can help you.


Become familiar with and practice a variety techniques used to connect and communicate with your guides.


Receive valuable answers and guidance from your spirit guides.


Build a foundation for a long-lasting connections.


Receive your spirit guides names.


Psychic Detetive

Intuitive Detective

Intuitive? Detective? Interested in finding lost items, pets, or people? Find out how professionals work. Put your skills to the test. 

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Remote Viewing

2/9/22--Online.  No prerequisites.  Learn to transcend the physical world to view people, places, and things remote in time and space.  Develop extrasensory perception and tune into the energies of the universe to experience places and times outside of your immediate environment.

This class is perfect to teach remotely.  Learn how to increase your intuition and psychic ability, learn the history and the work of famous remote viewers and their experiments using remote viewing for spying and warfare.

This class will be filled with exercises to test your skills.  This has been a favorite class that I’ve been honored to teach at metaphysical churches, symposiums, and seminars.


Crystal Class

Crystal Immersion

An introduction to the wonderful world of crystals and minerals taught from a fourth generation rock-hound and avid mineral collector.

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Hand Holding Pendulum


Learn how to use your pendulum for dowsing and divination.

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